Are Voice Notes Replacing Traditional Texting & Emojis? Expert Guide Explains!

Jul 8, 2024

Have you been noticing more voice messages on your phone? Voices, the online platform for all things audio, discusses this emerging communication trend.

If you're like me and get tired thumbs after a long round of texting - perhaps you've turned to audio messages as an alternative. You're not alone! According to Voices, audio notes are on the rise.

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In their online guide to voice notes, the team at Voices charts a growing trend that is set to overtake conventional texting and messaging methods.

Learn About Current Trends

The audio note guide explores some of the reasons why voice notes are a growing trend and predicts future trajectories for this mode of communication.

A recent report from NPR shows that short voice messages are becoming more and more common, as around 62% of people in the United States said that they have sent a voice message, and around 30% reported using voice messages as a regular form of communication. With the recognition of the growing trend - which is particularly pronounced within the Generation Z cohort of 18- to 29-year-olds - the communication experts at Voices have set out to explore some underlying factors.

Save Time & Effort

“The growing trend for audio communication between families, friends, and even coworkers isn’t without reason,” says a spokesperson. “Voice notes allow you to record and send your thoughts in seconds, perfect for multitasking across different devices, ensuring seamless compatibility and synchronization.”

According to the guide, one of the primary motivations people cite for using voice messages rather than conventional texts is the fact that voice messages save time and effort. Typing a long message can be cumbersome, while recording a message is comparatively fast and can convey dense information.

Furthermore, as increasing numbers of people become concerned about screen time and its negative effects, voice notes allow people to communicate easily without having to stare at a computer monitor or phone. (Less blue light exposure? Sign me up!)

Avoid Confusion

The guide also points out that there is a movement towards communication that is more personal, as conventional texting can sometimes seem overly formal or be confusing in terms of register. By contrast, voice notes allow for inflection and tone, helping to avoid any potential misunderstandings between you and your friends or family while facilitating deeper connections.

Finally, the Voices team points out that voice messages are an important tool in terms of accessibility. Unlike text messages, voice notes allow people with visual impairments, learning disabilities, or restricted mobility to create and send messages, functioning as a mode of sharing information that is inclusive and aligned with modern values.

Learn more about how to tap into the power of your voice and audio messaging with the friendly team at Voices!

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