Surprise Your Wife And Melt Her Heart This Mother’s Day With Beautiful Necklace

Apr 3, 2021

Online US gift retailer Home Treasures Hub has added a new gold heart necklace to their collection. The ‘To My Gorgeous Wife’ necklace is the perfect gift for a husband to show his wife how much he really cares.

It’s true, you can’t go wrong giving your wife jewelry. But this year, Home Treasures Hub wants you to do even better by giving your wife a piece she will treasure forever. Buy your wife one of their new custom ‘To My Gorgeous Wife’ necklaces and treat her to an unforgettable declaration of love. 

Home Treasures Hub, an online gift retailer based in Austin, Texas, has now launched a new custom heart-shaped and genuine gold-plated necklace featuring a loving message from husband to wife. 

Go to to find out more. 

The announcement coincides with the approach of Mother’s Day, a special family holiday in which husbands want to show how much they appreciate their wives for all that they do for their family and children. 

The thoughtful and impactful message on Home Treasures Hub’s new necklace reads, “To my gorgeous wife, If I had to choose between loving you and breathing, I would use my last breath to tell you, I love you.” 

These tender and affectionate words mean that the necklace is also a suitable gift for special occasions like wedding anniversaries, birthdays, a job promotion, Thanksgiving, or just because a husband like you wants to surprise his wife and show her how much he cares. 

In addition to the quote captured in the necklace, you can further personalize your gift by engraving a name, a date or a brief message on the back of the pendant. 

In addition to this beautifully crafted piece, Home Treasures Hub continues to retail their full range of custom giftware at 

Home Treasures Hub was founded based on a passion to help people give their loved ones gifts that really say something, that really convey the givers’ love and appreciation. Their mission is to help their customers give their significant others a gift they will truly treasure, and that will put a smile on the faces of the people they love the most. 

All of Home Treasures Hub’s necklaces are their own unique and original designs, and they are constantly expanding their selection of giftware. Their necklaces are custom printed within the US and they offer both free shipping on all domestic orders as well as an easy return system within a 14-day window.  

One happy wife who has recently received this new design said, “I’m looking forward to wearing it every day, but especially on special events where I can show others how loved and appreciated by my husband I am.” 

Don’t let Mother’s Day or the next special moment you share together go uncelebrated. Instead, show your wife exactly how much you adore her with a gift she will truly cherish. 

If you would like to treat your wife to a gift she will never forget to order your ‘To My Gorgeous Wife’ pendant today at 

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