Support The Educational Needs Of Children In Haiti With This GoFundMe Campaign

Mar 25, 2024

Break the cycle of hardship for Haitian children by donating to this GoFundMe campaign, launched by Hand International, Inc.

One hundred dollars a year could significantly change the life of a child in Haiti. Think about it, for less than $9/month, you can help dozens of children gain better access to education, healthcare, nutrition, and protection. For less than $9/month, you can give a better life to a child.

How much is your $9 worth to you? Support a great cause at

Go fund the future of Haiti's children

Hand International Inc. has organized a new GoFundMe campaign to support Haitian children and their families. All proceeds will be used to develop various initiatives for their education and necessities.

For example, through generous donors, Hand International was able to help a little girl who almost lost her hand after a motorcycle accident. Donations were also used to help her twin sister and other children facing difficulties. Further details can be found at

Help break the vicious cycle of poverty

According to research from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, approximately 50% of Haitian children do not attend primary school, with 80% of those that do never complete secondary school. This adds to the complexity of the country’s current economic challenges, as the younger generation grows up unskilled and unable to find work.

"At Hand International, we believe in empowering children rather than simply feeding them. We recognize that true change begins with education, skill-building, and the nurturing of pro-social behavior," a spokesperson for the group wrote. "Our vision is to break the vicious cycle of poverty that has hounded countless vulnerable individuals. By providing access to education and teaching new skills, we aim to equip orphans and less fortunate children with the tools they need to transition from childhood to adulthood as confident and capable individuals."

Create lasting impact

With a $50,000 goal, the GoFundMe campaign attempts to aid more underprivileged children in Haiti. Want to regularly donate? Please go to the group’s official website at and become a member today, either with a monthly, quarterly, or annual donation pledge.

As a full-fledged member of Hand International Inc., you will receive a personalized welcome package, VIP access to specific events, acknowledgment on a recognition wall, regular updates through quarterly newsletters, and annual impact reports. All of this is provided for a minimum yearly contribution of $100.

The best part? Hand International also allows you to specify where your donations will go, such as for educational supplies, art materials, or emergency kits. This way, you always know how your donation is being spent.

Go to so you can learn more.

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