Superone P2E Instant Payments Sports Trivia Game Offers Affiliate & Game Prizes

Jan 28, 2023

With 7 revenue streams ranging from gaming rewards to a superb affiliate program, Superone is set to disrupt the world of sports trivia play-to-earn gaming.

Superone P2E Instant Payments Sports Trivia Game Offers Affiliate & Game Prizes Make money to play, watch ads, and refer your friends - and those are just the first three. Superone redefines play-to-earn games and offers new possibilities for sports enthusiasts throughout the world. Check it out today at The new app combines the fun of trivia gaming with the innovative reward opportunities created by recent blockchain innovations. The creators are offering new users the chance to test their sports knowledge and earn rewards - and have created a series of extra community features to scale up the opportunities available. Superone gives you the chance to progress from a simple gamer to joining the back-end and sharing in the potentially large revenue pool of the app and its investor community. The game itself is super intuitive and engaging; you’ll have fun swiping left or right to answer various sports questions and earning gaming action rewards in return. This is the first stream of potential income you have access to. A second option is to watch in-game ads and be compensated in return. NFT revenue and super-tokens are also available. Finally, Superone also provides referral bonuses as part of its community revenue opportunities. Giving you training and mentorship, the community allows you to become a partner and have a more active role in growing the game. The membership opportunities come as the app creators recognize the rapid growth of the play-to-earn gaming sector. Trivia games account for 25% of a total market of over $300 billion, and the trivia sub-sector growing at a 7% annual rate - meaning these are just the early stages of a popular future trend. With new opportunities becoming available and the app still in its early stages, the creators are welcoming new members, gamers, and everyone else interested in trivia sports games to join the Superone community. So if you’re looking for an exciting opportunity to test your sports knowledge and make some money in the process - Superone might be exactly what you need! Go to to get started!
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