Are Walmart Deals On SOLE Fitness Home Treadmills Possible? Let’s Find Out!

Apr 26, 2024

Now you can find top quality SOLE Fitness treadmills at Walmart! Ready to discover great deals on the fitness industry’s premier brand? Let’s hit the ground running!

What's the one thing that springs to mind when you think about Walmart? Value. Let's talk about that.

Premier fitness equipment company SOLE Fitness has made their treadmills available at Walmart, which means you get the best prices on the industry's best home-use equipment. Snap up available deals right now, at

With SOLE Fitness treadmills available at their online platform and Walmart, you can compare prices, features, warranties and guarantees.

This is an expansion that makes sense. Dollars and sense.

Now you have access to the best fitness equipment at prices that align with your budget, whether you find your perfect match at the SOLE Fitness online store, or at one of their value-priced partners.


In today’s economy, consumers deserve options. And while not all your buying choices are based on price, competitive pricing on top-quality products is an undeniable benefit.

This is what prompted SOLE Fitness to expand the availability of their gym-quality treadmills through outlets like Walmart, which is known for offering best pricing on its inventory. This move is a natural extension of the consumer-centric approach SOLE Fitness practices.

Here's what a company spokesperson wants you to know:

“We are proud to be able to make a few of our treadmill models available through retail channels we trust and that strive to put the consumer first. SOLE Fitness is where innovation meets uniqueness, and as we redefine the treadmill experience, we're doing the same with our product availability.”


Two treadmill models available at Walmart include the SOLE ST90 and the foldable SOLE F63, a model fitness equipment reviewers consistently call "the best quality treadmill in its price range."

With the ST90, you'll benefit from an innovative low-impact slat belt design, a 60” running surface, and a 2.0HP motor. The lower-priced SOLE F63 is compact, also offers you a 60" running belt and comes with an impressive 3.0HP motor. Both treadmills were built for durability and performance, and both bring a realistic jogging experience with 15 incline levels into your home.

As with all SOLE Fitness treadmills, a touchscreen display offers pre-programmed workout options, and Bluetooth integration with speakers means you can choose from thousands of workout apps through the SOLE+ feature.


The vision at SOLE Fitness is to manufacture and distribute fitness equipment that offers consumers at any fitness level cutting-edge technology, an ergonomic design and performance reliability.

Having begun as a line of fitness equipment for hotel use, SOLE Fitness's expansion into the home market brings treadmills, ellipticals, bikes, weights, SRVO strength training and rowers to home spaces of any size, allowing you to forgo those hefty gym fees and start a small home gym of your own. This is an excellent option if you've got kids, or the winter seasons where you live are especially jogging prohibitive, or you're not one to jump in your car and jockey for parking just to enjoy a good quality workout.

Save time, save money, soar to new heights while working on your fitness from home.

With SOLE Fitness treadmills at your local Walmart, you can grab the best deals when you see them. And don't forget you can always shop the SOLE Fitness online platform to discover every detail about all the models that make up this impressive line.

Is it time to turbocharge your fitness? Don't settle for anything less than stellar quality matched by excellent value. Stick with SOLE Fitness and hit all your goals. Learn more at

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