Sole Fitness F80 Vs. F85 Comparison Guide Examines Pros & Cons Of The Treadmills

May 3, 2024

As a top retailer of at-home fitness equipment, it can be hard to know which Sole Fitness treadmill is best for you. Read their new F80 vs. F85 Buyer’s Guide and get all the details!

If you've decided this is the year you're giving up on that gym membership so you can work out at home when you want, and for as long as you want, you've probably been shopping your treadmill options. That, in itself, can be a workout. Time for a break!

To make your research easier and to help you find just the right treadmill at just the right price, Sole Fitness has put together a comprehensive Buyer's Guide comparing the cost and features of their F80 and F85 treadmills.

Find out everything you need to know and get the best prices right now!

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With a commitment to innovation and excellence, Sole Fitness wants to give you everything you need to select a treadmill that best aligns with your fitness goals, priorities, and preferences. 

And while both the Sole F80 and the Sole F85 are foldable treadmills that promise exceptional performance, durability, and user experience, each has its own attributes.

Here's what a spokesperson for Sole Fitness wants you to know:

“Sole Fitness offers enthusiasts and home gym owners top-rated treadmills tailored to various user needs, providing an effective workout experience at home. We are an award-winning brand whose vision is to design, manufacture, and distribute fitness equipment that not only delights but also offers cutting-edge durability and reliable performance.”


When choosing between the Sole F80 and the Sole F85, you will pay less for the former; however, the latter offers a more comprehensive menu of options.

The Sole F80 is recognized as the best treadmill in its price range. It offers a 10.1” touchscreen panel with built-in fitness apps, pre-programmed workouts, intuitive controls, a wireless charging pad, and Wi-Fi connectivity.

Its new Z-shape design promises reliable durability while a Cushion Flex Whisper Deck has been shown to minimize impact by 40% - great for those knees! The F80 can reach speeds of 12mph and inclines up to 15 levels. 

The Sole F85 treadmill is the company’s best seller and is recognized as the "epitome of performance". The F85 combines features of the F80 with enhancements that include a 15.6” touchscreen display and a more robust motor.

Like the F80, the F85 treadmill comes with 15 incline levels; however, the F85 also features 6 decline levels. With a 4.0HP motor and the capacity to handle 375 lbs of weight, this treadmill is built for intense, high-output workouts.


Both the F80 and the F85 are foldable, making each a convenient option if space is a concern. After all, no one wants to entertain guests in a living room where a treadmill is featured prominently in the middle. With a Sole Fitness treadmill, your friends will never know how it is that you're so fit and full of vitality.

When it comes down to choosing between the F80 and the F85, it will probably depend on whether you prioritize affordability and versatility, or top-of-the-line performance and advanced features.

Either way, you can't lose with a treadmill from Sole Fitness, the fastest-growing fitness retailer in North America.

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