Submit Your Music To Spotify Playlists | Get Featured With Best Pitching Service

Apr 12, 2022

Think your music has what it takes to make it big? Want to get more listens on Spotify, but not sure how? Then take a look at packages from Playlist Plugger!

Submit Your Music To Spotify Playlists | Get Featured With Best Pitching Service

Being a musician or artist isn’t the easiest thing in the world. Sure, making music is a wonderful experience, but it doesn’t feel great when no one seems to hear it. With services from Playlist Plugger, you can boost your confidence and your exposure by getting your tracks heard by the right people. Where? On Spotify, of course!

The company’s services are ideal if you’re a skilled musician or artist struggling to get your music heard, with the company’s packages ensuring that all accepted tracks make it onto one of Spotify’s constantly changing playlists.

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Playlist Plugger’s pitching services include a track assessment from a panel of experts and a guaranteed spot on a playlist listened to by millions each day, or your money back.

Though Spotify remains a free service, over 200 million regular listeners choose to subscribe to the streaming platform’s premium service, with many more opting to listen to ads between tracks for no cost at all. Considered to be the biggest and best platform to hear new music, Spotify curates new playlists on a regular basis themed around a mood, an idea, a concept, or a genre, and a coveted spot on any one playlist can lead to an exposure boost of unprecedented proportions if you happen to be lucky enough.

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However, getting picked for a Spotify playlist has always been difficult, until Playlist Plugger’s service came along. The company offers you a simple pitching service through which you can upload your tracks for assessment by a panel of music gurus. This team will listen to your track (which must meet certain criteria for acceptance) and assess its quality, mixing, genre and suitability for Spotify, and once accepted, pitch the track to Spotify for a guaranteed place on a playlist.

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To pass the panel’s rigorous assessment process, your tunes must include a catchy hook, rhythm or chorus, meet certain genre standards and rules, and be well mixed and professionally recorded. Once placed on a Spotify playlist, you can expect to see an increase in clicks through to your artist page, more listens on your tracks, and a boost in your overall exposure. All playlists considered by Playlist Plugger also meet a selection of criteria, including regular active followers, and no bots - so that acceptance is great value for money for you, and real people will hear your music.

Playlist Plugger is the Spotify track pitching service you can trust to help you get the head start you need in the music industry!

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