Stem Cell & PRP Therapy Treat Pain, Injuries, and Damaged Tissues

Oct 1, 2020

A Charlotte-based practice offers stem cell therapy and platelet-rich plasma treatments alongside non-surgical, non-opiate pain management options to relive their patients from pain.

The team at Advanced Sports & Spine in Charlotte, NC have launched new updates to their comprehensive pain management services. Led by Dr. Ahmad, Advanced Sports & Spine offers cutting-edge therapies such as stem cell therapy and PRP treatments. The team strives to provide patients with effective and long-lasting relief from pain.

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Dr. Ahmad of Advanced Sports & Spine provides a holistic, affordable approach to interventional pain management. He specializes in regenerative medicine. His Charlotte-based practice offers stem cell therapy and platelet-rich plasma treatments alongside non-surgical, non-opiate pain management options. Dr. Ahmad is a top physiatrist in Charlotte, and the team always puts the patient first.

With a range of treatment options, the goal is to find the underlying cause of the pain and treat it at the source. A combination of exercise, diet, and interventional pain management sessions are used.

Using state-of-the-art equipment, Advanced Sports & Spine provides the latest pain-management solutions with a focus on getting clients back to their lives with improved mobility and functionality as quickly as possible. As part of their ongoing commitment to offering the best service, they now provide innovative stem cell treatments.

Stem cell therapy is one of the most innovative procedures in medicine and uses mesenchymal cells to treat injuries, pain, and damaged tissue. With this solution, patients experience fast, effective, and lasting results.

During treatment, undifferentiated cells known as “baby” cells are used from the patient’s own bone marrow or adipose tissue. Usually, these cells are taken from the hip, and from there they can be placed in a centrifuge to obtain mesenchymal stem cells.

Dr. Ahmad uses the Angel System to produce the concentration of substance needed for the treatment. This machine uses 3-sensor technology (3ST) that can be configured to customize stem cell concentrations.

Along with stem cell therapy, the team has revamped their PRP therapy service. This is one of the latest innovations in medicine and is highly effective at treating sports injuries and other musculoskeletal conditions.

Patients are pleased with the results of PRP injections because they provide fast, effective, and long-lasting relief from pain or discomfort. PRP therapy also produces an optimal healing process while improving mobility and functionality.

Advanced Sports and Spine offers non-surgical, non-opiate treatment for pain, injuries, and damaged tissues in Charlotte. For more information on stem cell therapy or PRP therapy, contact us today!

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