Stay Safe At Home & On The Go With Emergency Preparedness Kits & Concealed Safes From Protexions

May 4, 2017

Protexions has launched a new site offering high quality personal protection items like disguised safes, concealed bags, stun equipment and emergency preparedness kits. These can help people be safe in the event of an emergency.

A new site has launched for car, home and personal safety and security gadgets, as well as emergency preparedness kits for helping people through tough times when the worst happens. Called Protexions, it specializes in the best gadgets and devices to help people stay safe, whether at home, out on the road, or travelling on foot.

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It is hard to prepare for disasters, because they always strike when least expected. Whether natural or man made, these disasters can be devastating, taking people's most valuable assets and recovering can often take a long time.

Disasters can take many forms, but one way of staying safe when the worst happens it's to strive to be as prepared as possible, both for individuals and families. This advanced preparedness can save time, and therefore lives, in the event of hurricanes, fire, floods, and many other forms of disaster.

Emergency preparedness kits from Protexions come in three varieties. They include the Wise Company 5 Day Survival Backpack in a camouflaged color scheme, in red, and a Wise Company Emergency Food Supply which contains enough to serve 60 entrees.

The packs themselves include a number of different features, like a 36 piece bandage kit, a survival whistle, a blanket, tissues, entertainment in the form of playing cards, and a flashlight.

Other forms of personal protection items include diversion safes, which offer a safe place for people to keep valuables without looking like a safe. Items include a water bottle, a book, a can, a coffee mug, a shaving cream spray can, and a wide range of other items.

These have all been hollowed out to ensure there is space for people to put money, jewels and other valuable items they want to keep safe around the house, the car or on their person.

A wide range of other options are also available on the Protexions site, including concealed carry purses and protective stun and Taser equipment.

Full details can be found on the URL above.

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