Start A Side Hustle Day Trading With Coaching From Top Traders At This Chat Room

Feb 21, 2024

Want to try your hand at day trading but don’t know where to begin? Join My Investing Club’s chatroom and mentoring program and learn from pro traders!

Feeling discouraged by a lack of progress in early forays in the stock market? While there's no substitute for hard work and learning your craft, at My Investing Club you can learn shortcuts to success as a day trader!

Join the interactive trading live stream and chatroom and learn from established, elite-level traders. With an extensive guided curriculum and no prior experience required, the platform widens access to careers in the financial markets with proven setups and trading systems. Wanna join the fun?

Fast-track your trading performance and become self-sufficient in the stock market with My Investing Club! More details at

MIC has an ever-growing syllabus of topics, covering everything from technical analysis to hedge fund strategies and risk management. Built around its thriving chatroom – a large online community with over 2,000 active members worldwide, the platform connects you with like-minded individuals to share tips, get invaluable peer support, and access the expertise of the hub's moderators.

The live trading room is a recently launched feature that gives you an exclusive over-the-shoulder view of professional day traders at work. The live stream is accompanied by a detailed commentary so that you can gain maximum insight into the processes of expert practitioners. This helps bring theory to life.

This can be augmented by subscribing to MIC's premium mentorship program for one-to-one and group coaching. Sessions can be held seven days a week via voice call or direct messaging with no limits placed on the amount of support you can receive. Mentoring provides an opportunity for you to ask questions and have your trades reviewed by pro traders.

Coaching topics include fundamental and technical analysis, how to read SEC filings, broker regulations, short selling, sector hype and craze, trader psychology, and sustaining small trading accounts with various risk management techniques like stop-loss orders and position sizing.

Other features of the platform include a weekly webinar series that includes live market recaps, regular Q&A sessions, and daily watchlists from co-founder Alex Temiz. You can also access a training webinar that demonstrates MIC's proprietary trading system, offering you the chance to earn $10,000 per month in side income from just one hour per day.

A spokesperson says, “Our members can have one-on-one conversations in our chat room with other moderators as well as phone calls to discuss their strategies, key indicators, and levels, and most importantly, how to improve on the next trade.”

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Learn the science behind trading and watch your profits soar. Sign up for My Investing Club today!

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