St. Heliers Fast Smile Makeover Treatments: Whiten Dull & Stained Teeth

Feb 1, 2024

Auckland, NZ – Dr Dave Richards – Dentist St Heliers – 09 585 0205 – Ready to get the smile you’ve always dreamed of? Natural Smile Dental St. Heliers offers holistic smile makeovers to repair, strengthen, and beautify your pearly whites!

Being embarrassed to show your smile takes a toll on your confidence and emotional well-being. But getting a cutting-edge, all-natural smile makeover is easier now than ever!

Natural Smile Dental St. Heliers uses state-of-the-art technology in a relaxed, welcoming environment so you can leave feeling cared for and smiling with confidence.

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Not Just For Looks

Natural Smile Dental St. Heliers utilizes a holistic approach to improving the appearance of your teeth. Makeovers can be performed using one kind of treatment, or a combination of cosmetic, corrective, and restorative procedures, depending on your oral health and aesthetic goals.

Even if you have extensive damage, like decaying, missing, or broken teeth, you can rely on Natural Smile Dental for a comprehensive structural restoration of your smile. The practice offers a full mouth rebuild, when necessary. This treatment could include dental implants, veneers, transitional bonding, root canal therapy, or whatever else the dentist decides is needed!

3D Teeth??

Natural Smile Dental St. Heliers offers smile enhancement options with a relatively short wait time, with one of the most popular smile makeover treatments being same-day crowns using the CEREC 3D instant teeth technology. 

Traditional crowns require you to wear a temporary crown for at least a week while your permanent crown is built, before getting fitted with the permanent replacement. CEREC 3D crowns, meanwhile, are created and permanently fitted into your mouth in a single, 90-minute session!

But Also For Looks

With a smile makeover at Natural Smile Dental, you can also opt to receive Zoom! Whitespeed. This tooth-whitening system combines whitening gel and advanced LED technology to whiten your teeth by up to eight shades in less than an hour. The new technology, developed by Phillips, has been shown to accelerate the teeth whitening process by up to 40%.

About Dr. Dave Richards

The practice's founding and primary dentist, Dr. Dave Richards, completed a Bachelor of Biomedical Science and a Bachelor of Dental Surgery at Otago University. He is a member of the New Zealand Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, the American Biomimetics Society, the New Zealand Dental Association, and the Endodontics Society. Natural Smile Dental St. Heliers also offers tooth extraction, custom mouth guards, root canal therapy, dentures, and more.

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