Spinal Posture Correction Seminole Heights: Get Lumbar & Cervical Realignments

Jan 13, 2024

Alessi Functional Health (813-280-4084) has the best spinal posture correction treatments in Seminole Heights and Tampa. Whether you’re suffering from scoliosis, kyphosis or abnormal posture, you will find relief and realignment at Alessi.

Whether it’s a childhood scoliosis that was never correctly treated or a lifelong deterioration from poor posture at work, Alessi Functional Health knows that poor spinal posture and alignment mean pain.

That’s why their chiropractic and functional medicine team is pleased to be offering you a more extensive array of services to tackle postural conditions such as scoliosis, abnormal posture, kyphosis, and more. 

Go to https://alessifunctionalhealth.com/ to find out more.

The Problem of Poor Posture

Alessi Functional Health knows that today, more Americans are deskbound than ever. If you’re one of them, there is a good chance you are one of the over 31 million people that the American Chiropractic Association has reported now suffer from postural problems. In addition to being a source of chronic pain in the neck and spine, according to Harvard University, poor posture is now also a leading cause of:

  • headaches,
  • sleep disorders and fatigue,
  • TMJ issues,
  • problems with digestion, and more. 

If your postural issues are negatively impacting your overall health and quality of life, the team at Alessi Functional Health is pleased to be offering you state-of-the-art postural rehabilitation methods to address your postural condition, and to encourage optimal spinal alignment and improved mobility. 

Spinal Posture Correction at Alessi Functional Health

Alessi Functional Health’s expanded postural rehabilitation programs are designed to strengthen your muscles, enhance your flexibility, and elevate your overall postural awareness. The team at Alessi will focus on both lumbar posture correction and cervical spine alignment to address your spine holistically. 

In diagnosis and treating your issue, the clinic will employ advanced chiropractic techniques—like spinal decompression therapy and SoftWave tissue therapy. They will also use chiropractic corrections to realign your spine, alleviating discomfort and restoring proper function. 

You will also be offered a regime of posture training exercises which you can implement between chiropractic adjustments and on an ongoing basis for long-lasting postural improvements. 

About Alessi Functional Health

Alessi Functional Health is headed by Dr. Alfred Alessi, a Tampa native who is committed to improving health and wellness outcomes for people throughout his home city. 

A spokesperson for the wellness, chiropractic and nutrition clinic said, “At Alessi Functional Health, we pride ourselves on getting to the bottom of your biggest integrative health concerns. Whether you suffer from joint pain, headaches, digestive issues or any other symptom, there is always a root cause that can be uncovered.” 

They added, “Your body has the innate ability to heal itself when interference is removed. We specialize in finding out what that is and deliver amazing results to our patients with personalized, research-backed and proven protocols for healing.”

Don’t let poor posture ruin your health. 

Instead, visit https://alessifunctionalhealth.com/ and book your first appointment with Dr. Alfred Alessi and his team.

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