Speed Up Manifestation With Best Binaural Beats & Meditation Music On YouTube

May 11, 2022

Magic Mind Meditation is a meditation music YouTube channel dedicated to helping you speed up your manifestation. We offer different binaural beats that improve your focus while manifesting.

Speed Up Manifestation With Best Binaural Beats & Meditation Music On YouTube

Have you ever wondered how to improve your manifestation? Are you getting frustrated with all the affirmations that don’t seem to work? We got the solution for you.

Mindset manifestation coaches talk about the Law of Assumption as the higher form of the Law of Attraction, in which you assume that your manifestations are already in reality instead of just “attracting” similar energies. Part of this assumption is entering a state of focus – which can be further enhanced with the new videos released by Magic Mind Meditation.

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With the new videos, you can improve your focus, balance your energies, and even spark creativity. One of the main goals of our videos is for you to enter a state of relaxation so that you can focus on the Law of Assumption and improve your manifestation for whatever desire you seek.

Emerging data notes an increasing curiosity towards mindset techniques, especially those covered by thought leader, Neville Goddard. Now, people want to know how to easily manifest their desires into reality using various holistic techniques. Part of this is understanding that the Law of Assumption deals with tapping into a higher level of meditation, which can be achieved through various music.

One such way is tuning in to specific binaural beats set at certain frequencies depending on your desire. For example, if you were manifesting love, you should tune in to frequencies at 1.6 Hz which is considered the frequency of love. Other frequencies for work creativity, focus, and even better math skills can also be considered.

Binaural beats work by listening to two tones at different frequencies in each ear. By listening to this subtle perception change, the brain creates an additional tone that you can hear. This third tone is called a binaural beat. You can hear the frequency difference between the two tones.

Magic Mind Meditation is a one-stop shop for everything manifestation-related. We offer various music, videos, and binaural beats that help enter a meditative mood for better manifestation. What began as a small way to uplift humanity has now become a popular YouTube channel for mediation music and more.

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Manifest your desires easily with music that puts you in the best state for manifestation. Go to https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCD8K-oiIwQCD3pbvdMsK02g/videos so you can learn more.

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