Southern California Company Wikiprofs Found To Be A Fraudulent Scam

Mar 6, 2024

The Southern California wikipedia services company,, was found to be fraudulently scamming their customers out of thousands of dollars for services that were never rendered., a company that claims to provide services to those who want to have a Wikipedia online profile apparently sells their services to unsuspecting customers using a 100% guarantee tactic in order to convince people to hand over five thousand dollars or more to have their Wikipedia page published.

The staff at pushes customers hard to get sales using whatever tactics needed to get people to hand over their hard earned money, and then once the customers have paid the scam really gets going.

From what has been determined The Wikiprofs team goes out of their way to really push the 100% guarantee and that there will be no questions asked if a customer is unhappy with the results. However, once the customers are unhappy with the service they disappear and break all contact with them making it impossible to get a refund.

The other part of the scam is that they tell customer that their Wikipedia profile is up and published on Wikipedia's site and then days later they tell them that it's taken down due to some difficulties that they have to fix. From there they string their customers along for many months continually telling them that everything will be completed in a matter of time. From there is can be months even years as they string customers along making them believe that their Wikipedia page will be up soon.

The reality is that the entire process is a scam that is being perpetrated on clients who then wait months to finally learn that they've just stolen thousands of dollars from them and there is nothing they can do to get it back.

This entire thing is a ploy to get people's money and there are never any actual services rendered. The reality is that the company is really based somewhere in India and the southern California address is fake as well. is is fraudulent operation and potential customers are cautioned and advised to use another service.

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