South Miami Solar Subscription: Install Panel Systems With No Down Payment

Jul 11, 2023

Are you at the mercy of fluctuating energy rates, never knowing how much your next utility bill will amount to? Stop the guesswork and join Solar Construction LLC’s (786-444-6519) solar subscription service in South Miami!

Go solar without steep installation or maintenance costs - Solar Construction LLC offers a zero-down subscription service that makes green energy more accessible than ever!

As the first solar company in Florida to offer a subscription service, Solar Construction provides you with access to renewable energy systems with no upfront costs or long-term financial commitments.

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The solar subscription enables you to sign a three-year renewable contract, choosing from a range of panel options, including ones suited to flat, metal, shingle, and tile roofs. The number of panels installed will be adjusted according to your energy production requirements and roof capacity.

Through the solar subscription, you can get panel installation and maintenance without the need to borrow money that might take you up to 30 years to pay back. What's more, no down payment is needed!

Solar Construction can help you capitalize on the 3,000 hours of sunlight that Florida records each year and enjoy average lifetime savings of 68% on your energy bills. Since the service costs cover installation, you can start making savings immediately and protect yourself from rising utility rates.

Solar Construction also points to the environmental and health benefits of switching to solar, as it reduces reliance on burning fossil fuels to power homes and helps to improve air quality.

“Going solar reduces greenhouse gas emissions, which contribute to climate change, and also results in fewer air pollutants like sulfur dioxide and particulate matter, which can cause health problems”, a spokesperson for the company explained.

If you decide to sell your property, you can transfer your subscription to the new owner or cancel it. Moreover, Solar Construction will replace your systems if the technology becomes obsolete. As such, the installer offers low-risk access to greener electricity systems and allows you to reclaim your energy independence from your utility company.

About Solar Construction LLC

In 2022, the solar installer was recognized by as one of the top service companies in Miami Gardens. For over 20 years, its founders have been involved in the American and Costa Rican solar industries, operating at the forefront of clean energy systems.

Solar Construction LLC offers Florida’s only solar subscription service - call 786-444-6519 to find out how you can match the switch to green energy without any upfront costs!

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