South Miami City Solar Subscription Service With $0 Installation & Maintenance

Jul 28, 2023

Go green and start saving money on utility bills with Solar Construction’s panel subscription (786-444-6519) in South Miami City!

End the unpredictability of rising utility prices by switching to a monthly solar subscription service instead — get zero-down installation, maintenance, and repairs from Solar Construction!

The solar installer and maintenance firm makes it easier than ever for you to convert to clean energy and start reducing your utility bills.

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With over 230 days of sunshine per year on average, the state of Florida offers its residents some of the nation's most coveted solar incentives. Even with panel prices declining, the cost of installation and maintenance continues to remain high, making renewable energy inaccessible to many people. However, Solar Construction’s subscription has made photovoltaic energy panels significantly more attainable.

The solar advisors will assess your property’s panel capacity and your household’s energy production needs to adjust the size of the system they will install.

With its zero-down policy, the company eliminates the need for you to pay a lump sum or take out a loan that may take you up to 30 years to pay back. This allows you to start enjoying savings from the first day of installation.

As a subscriber, you do not need to pay anything for the system itself nor for the installation, which is covered as part of your monthly rate. Moreover, the firm covers the cost of ongoing maintenance, insurance, and future replacements of panels if their technology becomes obsolete.

If breakdowns do occur, the solar firm will cover your subscription cost for that month.

“We are the only company that offers a solar subscription in Florida, that allows you to save and take care of the planet through the latest innovation in technology”, a spokesperson for the firm said.

By covering maintenance costs, Solar Construction's subscription reduces the unpredictability of panel ownership. Similarly, it allows you to take control of your monthly electricity costs and eliminates the financial strain of having to pay out of pocket for repairs to get your system back up and running.

As a 3-year, short-term contract that can be extended once it expires, it is a low-risk option if you are looking to reduce your carbon footprint without taking on more significant financial obligations. If you choose to sell your property, they can either cancel the service or transfer it to the new occupant.

Solar Construction has been recognized as one of the best service companies in Miami Gardens. Find out why this renewable energy panel installer is different from the others by calling 786-444-6519!

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