Sore Throat Got You Down? Try These Six Soothing Essential Oil Diffuser Blends

Nov 16, 2021

A certified aromatherapist, Jennifer Lane of Loving Essential Oils, offers the key to easy sore throat relief with a guide to creating homemade diffuser blends from healthy, soothing essential oils.

Worried about the winter chill? Fear not!

In addition to its 6 diffuser blend recipes, the guide offers you information about the relationship between essential oil diffuser blends and sore throats in its introductory section. You are also offered practical advice for sore throats unrelated to essential oils, including drinking plenty of fluids, eating citrus fruits containing vitamin C, and gargling with either apple cider vinegar or warm salt water.

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With the launch of the guide, you have access to simple, efficient, and affordable help for when you are suffering from a sore throat. The diverse recipes are recommended by a seasoned professional and are headed with valuable information about the particularities of each diffuser blend. For example, regarding a blend that involves lemon, frankincense, and tea tree oil, you will learn that lemon essential oil stimulates salivation to counter the dryness of your throat.

While the onset of winter offers us pleasant, snowy sights and festive anticipation, it also carries with it an increased risk of picking up sicknesses that involve sore throats, such as the common cold. While often this is not serious, it is unpleasant and frustrating, and you might find yourself desperate to ease the symptoms.

The guide informs you that you have access to an easy aid with the diffusion of essential oils. Diffusing allows the oils to travel to your throat directly through the air passages. There, they fight the infection and lessen the discomfort and pain you feel as a result of it.

The guide’s six soothing recipes are: Soothe My Throat, Throat Soother, Fight Back, Throat Chakra Healing, Throat Ease, and Calm Throat.

Loving Essential Oils offers you many similar guides to creating handcrafted, organic essential oil blends that have a diverse range of mental and physical benefits.

The founder of the company, Jennifer Lane, said: “I created Loving Essential Oils out of my passion for sharing my experience and use with other essential oil users. I want to inspire my readers so they can see how amazing essential oils are and that there are so many great ways to include them in daily living. I enjoy guiding new users on their essential oil journey.”

Loving Essential Oils features fantastic discounts on huge, info-packed, comprehensive guides to essential oils and essential oil diffusers, available now on the company website!

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