Somerdale, NJ’s Top Snow & Ice Management Experts Offer Winter Weather Services

Mar 4, 2024

If persistent snow and ice are making your home or business an unsafe place to be, call the experts at Sunset Lawn & Landscape (609-617-9129) in Somerdale, NJ and they’ll take care of it for you!

Walking out to your car in the morning shouldn't be a death-defying task, but if your driveway is icy and covered in snow, suddenly an easy stroll becomes very tricky. This is why you need to get any snow and ice removed as quickly as possible, and when it comes to doing that, there's no better company in New Jersey than Sunset Lawn & Landscape! Their snow and ice management services are designed to help you keep your property safe and accessible through the harsh winter months. Included in their services is a range of customizable solutions, from plowing and shoveling to ice melt application.

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In New Jersey, Snow Is Inevitable!

According to Rutgers University’s Climate Lab, New Jersey averages around 23 inches of snowfall each year, with the majority of it coming between December and March. This makes having fast and reliable snow and ice management services like those provided by Sunset Lawn & Landscape available during these months a necessity.

“When winter weather strikes, our team of dedicated professionals is on standby, ready to tackle your snow and ice removal needs efficiently and effectively,” explained a spokesperson for the company. “From plowing driveways and parking lots to shoveling walkways and applying ice melt, we have the expertise and equipment to handle any snow or ice-related challenge, no matter the size or complexity.”

Sunset Lawn & Landscape Has All The Solutions You Need!

In addition to these many reactive measures, Sunset Lawn & Landscape offers several proactive measures as well. For example, they can pre-treat surfaces with ice melt to prevent snow from sticking and ice from forming. They can also apply salt and grit to slip-prone surfaces to improve traction.

To ensure response time to snow and ice removal requests is as quick as possible, the professionals at Sunset Lawn & Landscape closely monitor weather conditions and patterns. They also have a wide array of tools, equipment, and vehicles at their disposal, including shovels, plows, snow movers, snow blowers, and de-icer trucks.

With Your Best Interests At Heart And Mind!

The primary goal of Sunset Lawn & Landscape’s services is to make sure you, your family, and your property are kept safe and accessible whenever there’s snowfall. Moreover, they aim to reduce the number of disruptions you experience due to snow, whether they be to your personal or commercial endeavors.

It's also worth noting that Sunset Lawn & Landscape is fully committed to complying with ANSI/ASCA A1000-2014 snow standards. They adhere to these standards in order to minimize hazards and liability, maintain professionalism and credibility, prevent costly damage and repairs, protect and preserve the environment, and enhance efficiency and accountability.

“I have nothing but good things to say about Sunset Lawn & Landscape,” said a satisfied client. “They help me clear the parking lot and sidewalks in front of my restaurant whenever it snows, saving me a lot of time and hassle. They also provide me with the latest de-icing solutions so I can stay ahead of any potentially hazardous ice build-up.”

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