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Mar 8, 2024

Was your website deleted following the collapse of Google Business Profile sites? US Media Agency (609-617-9129) can help, offering a huge variety of web design and paid media management tools.

As of March 5th, 2024, all sites created with Google Business Profiles have been turned off, but will remain archived for a short time. Over 21 million businesses will be affected by this change, leaving them with a stunted lead generation pipeline or erasing their online presence entirely.

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While this change is unfortunate for many who have lost their digital hub as a result of the decision, it should also be regarded as an opportunity! In the 10 years since its launch, the Google software underwent many changes to stay up-to-date with the modern web design market. However, as the retirement suggests, it wasn't enough - leaving the market open to a better alternative.

One such solution is being offered by US Media Agency, a PMM provider from Somerdale who places the focus on modern platforms like TikTok while leveraging cutting-edge SEO and web design principles. If you have been affected by the retirement of Google Business Profile sites, their consultancy is the clear choice for your online marketing needs!

New Jersey's Media Masters

US Media Agency is extending a hand to help NJ businesses like yours rebuild their digital marketing ecosystem with a variety of premium, affordable web design services. Their system includes a pre-integrated content delivery network and hosting, making the process of switching to the new system as streamlined as possible.

With their services, your business will be able to seamlessly adapt to changing industry trends and compete in a local, regional, or national market by targeting leads with engaging content.

Your Website, Your Way

Their DIY website builder has been designed to empower frequent editing without the need for HTML or CSS manipulation. They present a sleek, intuitive drag-and-drop interface alongside dozens of high-quality design templates and UX and UI elements.

Using a combination of PPC marketing, SEO, and Facebook advertising, the US Media Agency will then help you promote that stunning web content across multiple channels simultaneously. As a Somerdale-based company, they have the expertise and knowledge to tap into the local market and generate qualified leads using modern techniques.

A company spokesperson stated, “Each and every one of our marketing strategies are tailored to each unique business, whether you're a small entrepreneurial start-up or a large-scale, established success. No matter what level of success you achieve, you will always need the help of seasoned digital marketing experts who know how to help you take that next step.”

Contact US Media Agency Today

US Media Agency is the premiere destination if you are looking to promote your business in the modern marketplace without relying entirely on the Google product ecosystem. The agency is currently accepting new clients in the New Jersey area and beyond.

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