Sole Home Treadmill Comparison Guide 2024: F65 vs F63 Features & Price

Mar 13, 2024

Ready to invest in a home treadmill? Leading fitness equipment manufacturers and retailers SOLE Fitness (866-780-7653) is making it easy to choose the right model for your needs with their F65 vs F63 Treadmill 2024 Comparison Guide.

If you've crunched the numbers and have finally decided your gym membership just doesn't make sense anymore, a new home treadmill is probably on your radar.

Leading US fitness equipment manufacturers and retailers SOLE Fitness takes the guesswork out of this important purchasing decision with a comprehensive comparison report that looks at the features, pros, and cons that set their two most popular treadmill models apart. Learn about the F65 and the F63 to see which one is best for you, at


Researching treadmills is a drag. It's important, sure, but scrolling through reviews and reports and one company's promo and another company's ad, it's a lot. 

SOLE Fitness gets it, and that's why they've done the work for you. If you're looking for the right treadmill at that right price, look into their Sole F65 vs F63 Treadmill Comparison 2024.

This is an easy-to-read guide that goes beyond dimensions and specifications to give you an informative analysis of the iconic F65 and F63 treadmills. It's surprisingly objective and doesn't hold back on some of the details you might not have considered when thinking about what you want in your treadmill. After all, finding the right fitness equipment is about finding the right fit for your lifestyle, physicality, budget, and your workout routines.


On the heels of the pandemic, a lot of people took a second look at their workout routines and wondered why they were paying thousands of dollars annually to drive to a stuffy studio filled with public equipment and too many people.

Why not just work out at home?

If this is what you're thinking, you're in good company. These days, 52% of US adults say they workout regularly at home.

Let's put you on course to finding a high-performance home treadmill that checks all your must-have boxes. Here's what a spokesperson for SOLE Fitness wants you to know:

“When it comes to fitness, treadmills are a staple. Whether you’re a seasoned marathoner or a casual walker, getting to know the ins and outs of different treadmill options is fundamental to finding the right match for your needs.”


While SOLE’s F65 and F63 are both known for their durability, high-tech design, and relative affordability, (both are under $1,500), each has its own set of attributes.

The F65, for example, has a stronger 3 HP motor compared to the 2.5 HP motor the F63 offers, and a roomier running deck, too.

Both treadmills also feature:

  • intuitive LCD touch display screens,
  • integrated tablet holder,
  • cooling fans,
  • speakers,
  • pre-programmed workouts, and
  • Bluetooth connectivity that can be synced with a range of fitness apps.

As expected, however, the F65 features a slightly larger, more advanced touchscreen display for easier navigation and a wider range of data and workout tracking capabilities. If you're super into tracking your fitness and pushing yourself harder and farther every day, you'll find your Solemate in the SOLE F65.

If you're on a limited budget, have limited space at home, or you intend to use your treadmill more casually, the F63 is probably your better choice. This is a highly rated wonder machine that Kristen Nelson, Contributor for Treadmill Review Guru says is "currently the most affordable treadmill at Sole Fitness," and "is an excellent treadmill for walkers and joggers."

When it comes to design and durability, both the F65 and the F63 offer you cushion flex whisper decks to reduce the impact on your joints, both are foldable, and both come with a lifetime frame warranty.

As you can see, it's not whether one treadmill is better than the other, but that one treadmill is better for you than the other. It all comes down to your needs and priorities.

Looking for a feature-rich, sturdy machine that can handle intense daily workouts? Look to SOLE's F65. Intending to use your treadmill regularly but less rigorously and prefer a lighter model for easier folding? The F63 is ready to roll!

On a budget but you want the F65? Look into one of SOLE's payment plans and get ready to crank in the comfort of your own home.

Got questions? No problem. A team of SOLE Fitness experts are available to take your call. Get in touch, and say hello to a treadmill built to help you reach your goals. Learn more at

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