Solar Energy Systems In Pensacola: Cut Installation Costs & Electricity Bills

Jul 25, 2023

Sunny Day Solar (+1-850-292-7900) believes the sun will save the day! If you get your solar panels from them, it sure will!

More people are looking to switch to solar this year because of the latest incentives available throughout 2023 and if you want a great deal in Pensacola, you're in the right place. Sunny Day Solar Farms can pair you with the ideal system for your needs!

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US energy costs rose 13% in 2022, leading consumers to search for alternative options to reduce expenditure. Sunny Day Solar Farms offers an economical and sustainable solution to meet your electricity needs.

Solar panels reduce reliance on the grid and can increase your home's property value. The EPA estimates that homes with solar panels sell 20% faster and for at least 4% more than comparable listings that don't feature solar energy as an option.

Sunny Day Solar Farms explains that the average payback period for a home solar system is 6 years residential (up to 80%) and as low as one year for commercial (at 125% discounts+grant). The rest of the 30+ year warrantied lifespan of solar panels provides free electricity - resulting in hundreds of thousands of dollars in cumulative savings.

The company offers solar panel installations performed by some of the nation's top-ranked professionals. They work to ensure that 100% or more of your utility bills are covered by your new solar energy system, and there is no upfront payment required.

The service begins with an on-site consultation so you can see how your installation will create savings. Alternatively, you can arrange for virtual consultations at a time that best suits your schedule.

Every installation is backed by an industry leading 30-year warranty insurance, and military discounts are provided for veterans. Sunny Day Solar has an established history of supporting military families and other causes - with part of all proceeds supporting the Alzheimer's Association, St Jude Children's Research Hospital, and others.

Leading the company is CEO Marc Hager, who brings over two decades of electrical and solar expertise. As a former union electrician and contractor, he has an in-depth understanding of residential energy systems.

A spokesperson states: "Sunny Day Solar is part of a comprehensive renewable solar energy solutions provider. We are completely owned and operated out of Florida now with our National Headquarters based out of Pensacola, with Miami as a substation in the south."

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