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Apr 3, 2024

When you join the Automate And Grow membership community, you can immediately access expert-led courses on different automation strategies – learning the skills you need to grow your business!

When you're a small business owner trying to succeed online, being part of a community can be a superpower. Automate And Grow is ideal for anyone looking to get a better understanding of marketing automation – with expert courses, masterminds, and more!

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All the advice you need to thrive

The group currently includes three beginner-friendly courses on automation and the different ways it can be used across any field, and you will also benefit from weekly masterminds. Alongside this, all coursework will be complemented by 1-to-1 conversations for actionable advice on how to implement the lessons.

In a recent report by Constant Contact, 60% of small business owners cited reaching new customers as their most significant challenge. Automate And Grow argues that automation offers a powerful solution by providing ways to optimize lead generation, nurture prospects through targeted campaigns, and efficiently convert them into customers.

Easy-to-understand classes & sessions

While you may initially hesitate to embrace automation or implement advanced technologies, Automate And Grow's courses are tailored to simplify the process. The platform breaks down complex concepts into actionable steps, empowering you to adopt cutting-edge tools and strategies without feeling overwhelmed.

The on-demand courses cover a range of topics, including Marketing and Sales Automation 101, Automating Customer Acquisition, and Automation For Revenue Growth - each with comprehensive modules to equip you with the knowledge and skills you need to leverage automation effectively.

Complementing the self-paced courses, the group encourages you to raise any questions or concerns during the 1-on-1 sessions, where you can reinforce the lessons with practical tips and examples.

Simplify to amplify

With a mission to become the go-to platform for any SMB seeking to accelerate growth through automation, Automate And Grow's courses and masterminds are all underpinned by its unique selling proposition: “Simplify to Amplify.”

Expanding on this, Roman Walther states: “Our core mission is to empower you by demystifying technology, making the complexities of business automation accessible and actionable. We aim to transform technology from a daunting challenge into a lever for growth and efficiency - and our online community offers a rich suite of resources tailored specifically for small businesses.”

Are you ready to take your business to the next level alongside like-minded professionals?

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