Sleep Peacefully With Advanced OSA Airways Scans & Oral Appliances In McKinney

Mar 24, 2023

If you suffer from excessive daytime sleepiness in McKinney, obstructive sleep apnea might be the cause. See the team at leading local dental clinic Millennium Smiles (972-987-4899) to have it checked out.

Sleep Peacefully With Advanced OSA Airways Scans & Oral Appliances In McKinney

Having an effective treatment for loud snoring will not only help your partner’s sanity, it could significantly improve your own health and wellbeing. The first step is to find out if your snoring is being caused by OSA, and that’s where the team at Millennium Smiles can help.

They use advanced scanning equipment known as cone-beam computed tomography (CBCT) to see if narrow airways could be the cause of your troubles. If a sleep lab confirms the diagnosis, the clinic offers some of the latest treatment options, including custom-fitted oral appliances.

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The clinic’s oral appliances will treat specific causes of OSA, and their customized nature makes for a more effective treatment than similar products you might see online. Of course, Millennium Smiles can still provide continuous positive airway pressure devices, which have been used to treat OSA for decades.

As the name suggests, obstructive sleep apnea occurs when a blockage in your airways makes it more difficult to breathe correctly when you’re sleeping. Symptoms of the condition can include loud snoring, waking up frequently throughout the night, feeling excessively tired during the day, difficulty concentrating, or learning problems and pseudo-ADHD in children.

Using the latest FDA-approved treatment techniques, Millennium Smiles offers you a comfortable and adjustable alternative to CPAP devices. In addition to helping you and your partner enjoy a restful night’s sleep, the clinic’s treatment approaches can prevent several very serious health problems.

“Obstructive sleep apnea can have negative effects on your overall health and wellbeing,” a clinic representative explained. “These include hypertension, heart arrhythmias, or obesity, which can lead to more serious problems in the long term, such as stroke, coronary artery disease, sudden death, diabetes type 2, GERD, and anxiety or depression. Our OSA treatments have helped thousands of people to improve their lives.”

About Millennium Smiles

In addition to OSA, Millennium Smiles offers specialist diagnostic and treatment technologies for temporomandibular joint disorders, which can be closely linked to sleep breathing problems. The clinic also offers a wide variety of cosmetic and prosthetic dentistry, along with routine and 24/7 emergency dentistry.

“From the first visit to Millennium Smiles I was impressed, and I’ve continually been impressed ever since,” one client recently stated. “Every staff member has a passion for helping clients receive the best result possible, while also keeping them comfortable and happy. I received a 6-implant overdenture on my lower jaw, and the outcome has surpassed what I originally imagined was possible.”

The impacts of OSA go way beyond snoring. Discover the huge difference that restful sleep can have on every part of life, including your relationship.

Book an airways scan at Millennium Smiles today. Check out so you can learn more.

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