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Mar 25, 2021

Ready to have your very own centers of influence drive the growth of your business and increase your revenue? Get your copy of The Cult Report today!

If you’re a financial advisor looking to grow your business, creating your own ethical “cult” is the best way to accelerate progress. Learn how to harness the marketing power of your very own cult with Seth Greene’s The Cult Report: a detailed guide to building a business and leveraging revenue from unique marketing strategies.

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The Cult Report details how you can apply Seth’s decades of direct response marketing experience and skills to your own business. The guide demonstrates how to enlist a team of your own to promote your venture, creating a passive means of increasing revenue and stimulating automatic growth.

You can use the direct response marketing approach to elicit an immediate response from potential prospects. It targets specific consumer demographics with a clear call to action, often with a set time limit to further encourage consumer uptake. Direct response marketing, as opposed to more traditional strategies which promote a brand image over the long term, shows an immediate return on your investment through its targeted, response-led approach.

The newly released cult marketing guide explains how to increase your leads and drive exponential growth without needing to pay for adverts, paid Facebook campaigns, Google adverts or other paid traffic schemes.

The Cult Report also details the important role of centers of influence (COI) and how to leverage them for sustained growth and increased revenues. COI’s are other businesses or professionals who share the same target customer base. Seth Greene’s report explains how building a mutual support network can help you generate an increase in referrals, traffic and overall business success.

Seth Greene is the author of several successful marketing books including Online Marketing Magic, The Facebook Ninja and The Dream 50 Interview. He has received multiple nominations for the Marketer Of The Year Award and is the founder of He works with everyone from local businesses to Fortune 500 companies.

He says: “You can get other people to grow your business for you and have a new COI promoting your business every single week. Get your dream 50 centers of influence to promote you and your business.”

Now you can access cutting-edge, educational marketing expertise and start to grow your very own cult today – go to for the powerful strategies you need!

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