Service Revenue Growth With Expert Extended Warranty & Contract Audit

Aug 10, 2023

Maximize your extended warranty and service contract revenue – Blumberg Advisory Group has the ultimate expert audit program to help your organization.

If you're ready to increase your organization's aftermarket revenue potential, Blumberg Advisory Group is the right partner for you. This Pennsylvania-based research and consulting firm is a pioneer in the field research and reverse logistics industry, helping organizations like yours manage service as a strategic profit center.

The firm offers an extended warranty and service contract audit program that gives expert insight into how your organization can maximize its service revenue.

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In line with its mission to help your organization reach fully integrated capabilities for strategic planning, market research, productivity, systems development, and other skills, the audit program is designed to explore areas of untapped potential within your organization and optimize its overall performance.

Blumberg Advisory Group uses valid market intelligence, reliable business data, and expert experience to evaluate current operations, identify opportunities for improvement, and provide actionable recommendations that will benefit your organization.

The firm incorporates its research branch into the audit process, using independent surveys of economic and technological trends in the industry, a team with years of experience in a broad array of vertical markets, and a systematic, data-driven approach to helping you improve your extended warranty and service contract operations.

The audit program helps boost your service revenue by optimizing sales channels, marketing strategies, and pricing structures for extended warranty and service contract sales. Cost reduction and increased operational efficiency are other factors the program enhances to improve profitability.

You can gain a competitive advantage using the program because you are given the tools to compare your company practices to the best of the industry, adapting or innovating your operations based on the knowledge you gain.

To improve your customer service operations, the firm presents strategies that help streamline customer communication, registration, and claims management.

Blumberg Advisory Group emphasizes the value of data and hard evidence, ensuring that strategies are based on objective professional analysis of the marketplace, competition, internal resources, and industry trends.

“Blumberg Advisory Group has been our go-to resource for market research studies, strategy development projects, business benchmarking in reverse logistics, e-waste, and aftermarket technology support services. Their work provided information that has enabled our understanding,” a satisfied client said.

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