Sell-Side M&A Advisors Can Get More Deal Opportunities Faster With This Agency

May 24, 2023

Professional deal flow specialists OutFlow helps sell-side M&A advisors sell client companies faster and for the highest possible valuation by connecting them with volumes of in-market buyers. Want to be a part of that?

If you're an M&A advisor, you know selling stakeholder companies for the best valuation benefits everyone involved; however, sourcing in-market decision makers so you can close desired transactions is the trick. This takes time and effort, and in today's climate, time is money.

As geopolitical strife and global financial uncertainty prevail, it's much more difficult to identify target buyers that meet your deal criteria.

This is where OutFlow comes in.

OutFlow connects you with volumes of high-value prospects so you can explore warm opportunities and close more deals.

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Sales is a numbers game. To finalize sales and grow your revenues, you've got to meet, or at least speak with as many business owners and qualified prospects as you can. This can lead to dead-end prospecting and a waste of your valuable time.

OutFlow can help. The company is specifically designed to deliver a consistent flow of scheduled meetings with targeted, exclusive, off-market opportunities so you can connect with more people and close desired transactions.

“It’s easy for M&A professionals to neglect their pipelines and when this happens, deals dry up or others in the sector seize the opportunities,” says a company spokesperson. “We ensure M&A advisors don’t miss out on prospect deals by doing all the heavy lifting for them. They benefit from more meetings for more deals closed with no additional prospecting.”

OutFlow saves you time and effort on deal sourcing by doing all the legwork for you. Once they've sourced and connected with prospects that fit your criteria, they connect you with these leads. This means you can spend more time nurturing and closing deals, and less time searching for them.

The process begins with a database OutFlow develops exclusively for you. The database is built from scratch to include your target criteria along with verified, up-to-date, and accurate prospect information. An OutFlow executive then makes contact with fitting prospects to arrange for and secure exploratory meetings. All of this happens behind the scenes so you can carry on with business as usual while benefitting from pre-arranged meetings with qualified candidate buyers.

OutFlow fills your calendar with prospects who want to speak with you, so discussions can proceed smoothly and naturally. Rather than relying on referrals and devoting time to networking events, now you can benefit from a steady flow of new leads and opportunities every month, or OutFlow’s services are free.

To date, OutFlow has assisted over 200 M&A advisors, investment bankers, brokers, and private equity professionals. With professional sell-side M&A deal flow efficiencies in place, OutFlow helps you close the deals you're after, increasing overall revenues and contributing to your company's professional image.

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