Sell An Unwanted Homes For Cash: Fast Offer & Closing, No Commission

Jul 28, 2023

Sell your home quickly for cash with no broker commissions, no buyer closing fees, and no hassle. Call First Call Home Buyer (509-981-3511) to find out how much you can get for your property!

Did you know that it takes between 55 and 70 days to sell a house? And that’s the average house. If you have an outdated property that requires serious renovation and repairs, it can take, well… forever!

If you need to sell your home fast, real estate agencies may not be a good option for your situation. With First Call Home Buyer, you can sell your home for cash in as little as 20 days!

The company helps homeowners who have inherited a property they do not wish to keep, are in foreclosure, are in the process of or getting divorced, or are in any other situation when they need to sell a home quickly. Is that you? Read on to find answers to all the questions you might have!

???? How fast can I sell my house?

When selling a home through an agent, you may need to go through inspections and wait for the buyer’s mortgage approval. As First Call Home Buyer is a cash buyer, your property can be sold quickly without any risks or any of the normal contingencies.

You can contact the team and provide the key information about your property to receive a no-obligation all-cash offer. The offer is typically sent within 24 hours and closing can be scheduled in as little as a few days, at a convenient time for you. All buyer closing costs will be paid by First Call Home Buyer, with no hidden or additional fees for you.

“We pay cash for houses and, as a trusted home buyer, we're dedicated to making every offer fair and win-win or we don't make it,” says a representative for the company. “When you close with us, we'll close on your terms. There are no buyer demands or delays due to inspections, mortgage approval, or appraisals... because we pay in cash.”

???? Can I sell a house with code violations, mold, or storm damage?

Yes! First Call Home Buyer buys properties that are outdated, need major repairs, or have been damaged by a storm, fire, or mold. The team understands that you may not want to or not be able to invest in repairs and renovations necessary to sell your property and emphasize that they can buy a home in any condition.

???? How much is the commission and fees?

That’s the best thing - there are no commissions and no buyer fees. And, in some instances First Call Home Buyer may cover your closing costs as well. You’ll avoid the 6% commissions typically charged by real estate agents and the 3-6% closing costs. Imagine how much you'll save!

Go to to get a free cash offer for your home!

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