See Why This Cross-Cloud PAM Solution Meets Gartner Advanced Maturity Level

May 10, 2022

Does your organization work in a multi-cloud environment? Limit your exposure to cyber threats with the cross-cloud privileged access management solution from Britive.

See Why This Cross-Cloud PAM Solution Meets Gartner Advanced Maturity Level

Using advanced application programming interfaces, the platform integrates with all major cloud service providers, including AWS, Azure, Google Cloud Platform, Salesforce, ServiceNow, and Oracle. It can be deployed in minutes, providing your enterprise with just-in-time privileges for all of your cloud-based accounts.

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Given the associated cost efficiencies and ease of use, the vast majority of organizations now deploy some form of cloud computing. Recognizing that user identification is a significant security threat in these environments, Britive’s latest cross-cloud solution helps you to minimize this risk without sacrificing speed or productivity.

According to the technology review website findstack, as much as 83% of all company workloads now reside in the cloud, and 67% of all enterprise infrastructure is cloud-based. Rather than using one solution, however, over 80% of businesses state that they have a multi-cloud strategy deployed or in development.

As Britive points out, your on-site network will traditionally be protected by firewalls and other security stacks. However, cloud computing environments generally rely on human and machine IDs as the first line of defense. This becomes more difficult to manage when you are using multiple cloud environments. Functioning across IaaS, SaaS, PaaS, and DaaS services, the company’s latest PAM platform allows cross-cloud privilege management and auditing in one solution.

Unlike systems that were developed for on-site data centers, Britive's solution was created specifically for the cloud. As such, it can be deployed in a very short timeframe, and can also be scaled in line with your organization’s growth.

About Britive

Company co-founders Art Poghosyan (CEO) and Alex Gudanis (CTO) each had over 20 years of experience in IT security prior to forming Britive. The company was created in response to the rapidly emerging cloud computing market, and the fact that traditional security solutions did not support the needs of innovative enterprises working across multiple platforms.

A company representative stated: “Our collective vision is to create a dynamic and intelligent solution to help companies with privileged access protection in multi-cloud environments. Britive is the result, multi-cloud native, offering centralized visibility of access across the entire landscape of cloud platforms and apps, in addition to policy enforcement and threat monitoring, all in one platform.”

Eliminate standing privileges across all of your enterprise cloud computing applications with Britive’s innovative solution!

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