Secure Self Storage Solutions For Homes And Businesses In Boston MA

Sep 1, 2020

If you need additional storage space for your home or business, Marathon Moving has the right services for you. They run clean, secure, and temperature-controlled facilities.

Do you own more stuff than you can fit in your house? Or perhaps you own or run a business that needs to set aside physical assets not currently in use.

Marathon Moving has the solution for every kind of storage needs. Read about their services at:

Clean and secure, both warehouses that the company operates are equipped with temperature control, so you may rest assured that your belongings will remain in good condition. Maintained by full-time staff, the facilities are kept free of pests and smoke to adequately protect all items under their care.

For residential clients, Marathon Moving offers a safe place to store your furniture and personal items while you are traveling, downsizing, or preparing your home for staging. Without extreme temperature fluctuations, you can effectively minimize the risk of excessive drying and veneer buckling that are commonly found in antiques and in other items with high gloss finishes.

The storage services are also useful in an extensive range of commercial applications, including records management for various industries, shipping and receiving for retail and manufacturing companies, and general storage during the construction of a new business. Other than temperature-controlled units, the company offers vaulted, trailer, and open-plan solutions.

Marathon Moving provides both residential and commercial storage clients with short and long-term storage options. Their warehouses are monitored by a 24-hour, state-of-the-art alarm system to give your belongings ample protection while in storage. To meet industry standards, a facility-wide sprinkler system is also in place, and the warehouse is fully containerized.

In business for over 20 years, Marathon Moving is a multi-awarded company with an A+ BBB rating. 90% of their customers are either repeat or referral, attesting to the quality of their services. Aside from storage solutions, the company specializes in moving services, which include local, commercial, interstate, and international moving. They also offer packaging services and a free printable moving checklist for all your moving needs.

Learn more about their services and to get a moving quote just visit the website above.

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