Seattle’s Luxury Spa Offers Exclusive Hydra Facial For Healthy Skin Cleansing

Dec 17, 2022

Widely acclaimed Penelope and the Beauty Bar, located in downtown Seattle, (206-438-1750) offers a line of exclusive Hydra Facials that incorporate the industry’s best cleansing methods.

Seattle's Luxury Spa Offers Exclusive Hydra Facial For Healthy Skin Cleansing

If you're someone who likes to get your steps in, you're not only improving your physical and mental well-being, but you're also boosting your immune system.

But if part of your daily routine includes a brisk outdoor walk, you could be exposing your complexion to airborne debris, pollutants and other molecular undesirables that can lead to all kinds of skin issues.

So why not take your commitment to health and wellbeing "one step" further by making sure you're taking care of your complexion to preserve your beautiful youthful glow?

At Penelope and the Beauty Bar in Seattle, you can unwind, take a break from your demanding schedule and give your skin everything it needs to stay young and fresh looking.

Penelope and the Beauty Bar is home to the exclusive Hydra Facial, a signature, customized facial treatment that cleanses, exfoliates, and rejuvenates your complexion with industry-leading technologies.

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Skin care experts agree everyone should incorporate professional facial treatments into their self-care routines to ensure they’re removing dirt, oil, and other debris that can settle into the skin and cause dullness, itchiness and acne.

For a smooth, cleansed and rejuvenated complexion book your preferred Hydra Facial. The method offers you three different treatments to choose from.

The first is the Extreme Hydra Facial. This treatment includes a micro-current anti-aging component and is delivered in combination with anti-aging serum for best hydrating results.

You'll experience exfoliating and deep cleansing like you never have before, as well as LED red light therapy for your face, neck, and decollete. The process takes a little over an hour and a half to complete, at which time you'll feel refreshed and ready to take on the world.

When you choose the Signature Hydra Facial, you're in for a little over an hour's worth of deep cleansing, exfoliation, micro-current and red or blue LED light therapy to minimize every immaculate pore. This service uses hydrafacial MD equipment and is customized to suit your skin type and to address any skin issues you're trying to eliminate.

If you're on the go but you know you can still fit in the facial you desperately need, Penelope and the Beauty Bar offers you a 50-minute Hydra Facial Express. Known as the condensed hydra facial, the treatment involves deep cleansing and exfoliation, and uses vortex technology to pump antioxidants into your skin and neutralize free radicals.

A long-term Penelope and the Beauty Bar client says, “The relaxation lounge is gorgeous, the staff are all wonderful, and the service is just amazing. The Hydra Facial with Stacy left my face looking and feeling so good. I am completely hooked on this spa.”

Penelope and the Beauty Bar offers some of the most advanced skin and body care services available today.

By booking your Hydra Facial, you can enhance your at-home self-care routine with professional deep cleansing, exfoliating and advanced therapies to keep your skin healthy and resilient.

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