Seattle Men’s Anti-Aging Gua Sha Facial Hydrates, Tones & Reduces Fine Lines

Dec 30, 2022

Penelope and the Beauty Bar (206-438-1750), a world-class luxury spa in the center of Downtown Seattle, is now offering more men’s skin and body treatments.

Seattle Men’s Anti-Aging Gua Sha Facial Hydrates, Tones & Reduces Fine Lines

Penelope and the Beauty Bar has the best men’s facials, body massages and body wraps in Seattle.

The highly trained beauticians at the spa are proud to now be offering men like you personalized facials, including Gua Sha facials, that will hydrate, soothe and restore your skin. All of Penelope and the Beauty Bar’s new facials make use of products from internationally renowned brands like Biologique Recherche, MBR and Forlle’d, and they feature raw active ingredients that work powerfully to improve the texture and feel of your skin.

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The beauty bar is proud to be expanding its selection of men’s treatments ahead of the New Year. The spa believes that one New Year’s resolution that every man in Seattle should make this year is to take care of his skin the way he takes care of the rest of his body.

Penelope and the Beauty Bar knows that looking good is a part of feeling good, and that healthy skin is its own reward. This is why they have added a host of new nourishing and hydrating treatments for men to their roster.

In particular, the spa has a new Gua Sha hydration facial. Gua Sha is a tool that has taken the beauty world by storm, but it is actually an ancient Chinese medicine tool that was used to scrape inflammation from the body and restore the health of the blood. Today, it offers similar effects as it promotes lymphatic drainage and muscle relaxation and gives you noticeable anti-aging effects, including the visible reduction of fine lines.

Penelope and the Beauty Bar recommends that you combine this facial with a full body treatment for the ultimate in healing and restoration. They now have a men’s fifty-minute Recharge massage and a longer men’s eighty-minute Recover session, both of which have been designed to alleviate tension in your body and revive your fatigued muscles.

You can also complement your hydrating facial and body massage with the day spa’s Refresh full-body exfoliation and detoxifying body wrap.

You can find Penelope and the Beauty Bar inside the Fairmont Hotel in Downtown Seattle. You can make an appointment online or over the phone, and your walk-in visit is also welcome.

A spokesperson for the beauty bar said, “Penelope and the Beauty Bar is a premier spa in the heart of Downtown Seattle. We offer the most advanced skincare and body treatments available for men, and we are men’s first choice as a luxury spa in Seattle.”

With its highly trained staff and exclusive treatments, Penelope and the Beauty Bar is the finest luxury men’s day spa in Seattle.

Visit to make a New Year’s resolution to start taking care of your skin.

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