Schedule A Water Usage Audit For Your Commercial Building To Optimize Efficiency

Jul 11, 2023

Are you looking for ways to reduce your business premises’ water consumption? Get a water usage audit from Onsite Utility Services Capital, LLC (844 768-7227) to find out how!

Inefficient sewers, cooling towers, and plumbing systems will literally pour your money down the drain - Onsite Utility Services Capital, LLC will audit your commercial building so that you can start making savings on your water bill!

Since high water and sewer bills can significantly weigh on your operational costs, you can contact the Savings as a Service provider to conduct an audit to identify how you can lower water consumption through efficiency strategies.

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If you own or operate a commercial building, Onsite Utility Services Capital recommends you schedule an audit with a water conservation and monitoring expert if you are concerned about rising usage costs. Left unchecked, your faulty and inefficient water cooling towers can degrade and malfunction, all while adding to your utility bills. The insights uncovered and the consequent strategies implemented post the audit can help you increase your property's resale value, reduce your water consumption, and optimize your profitability.

Inefficiency in sewer and cooling towers can mean that the water being recorded by your utility meter is not actually being used by your staff or occupants. Onsite Utility Services Capital will assess your building to identify potential issues, such as leaking irrigation systems or stuck cooling tower valves, that can contribute to usage abnormalities or spikes. The team can also install a real-time water monitoring system that notifies you about changes in usage patterns so that they can be fixed as soon as possible.

The United States Environmental Protection Agency estimates that installing water-efficient fixtures and appliances can reduce water your consumption by at least 20%. As such, Onsite Utility Services Capital will recommend low-flow faucets and automatic sprinkler shut-off systems that reduce unnecessary usage, as well as cooling tower optimization methods.

“Cooling towers account for approximately 30% of a facility’s total water usage. Keeping them running efficiently is paramount to keeping your water costs in check”, a spokesperson for the agency explained.

Through cooling tower optimization, you can make savings and extend the life of your system. What's more, Onsite Utility Services Capital’s anti-scaling and corrosion systems prevent solids from entering the tower and creating build-up.

About Onsite Utility Services Capital, LLC

Onsite Utility Services Capital has been making energy efficiency solutions more accessible to businesses and organizations throughout the US and Canada since 1993. Its Energy Savings as a Service (ESaaS) model allows operators of commercial buildings to upgrade their outdated water and sewer systems and keep them optimally maintained with zero out-of-pocket costs. Users a charged a flat monthly fee that covers equipment, installation, and ongoing maintenance.

Onsite Utility Services Capital, LLC implements energy and water conservation strategies that help to protect the environment - schedule a consultation with its team by calling 844 768-7227!

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