Save On Flood Zone Insurance Premiums In Columbus, OH With This Online Platform

Jul 29, 2021

Protect the value of your Columbus, Ohio, home by getting price-competitive flood insurance quotes from Yep Insurance!

Save up to 50% on flood insurance coverage costs by using this speedy, online, comparison quote service that has been provided by a specialist USA flood insurance agency.

A fast, online flood insurance cost comparison service has been built and launched by Yep Insurance, a specialist flood insurance provider covering Columbus, OH, and all of the United States. The simple quote comparison service is capable of generating fifteen different quotes in less than sixty seconds.

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The quick and easy quote comparison service has been launched because Yep Insurance is concerned that you are overpaying for flood insurance by only obtaining quotes from agents using the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP). Many alternative flood risk insurers offer more competitive rates that you may not be offered by non-specialist flood insurers.

Yep Insurance designed the high-tech quoting comparison system to scan the entire flood protection insurance marketplace in just one minute to provide a comprehensive choice for those requiring flood insurance.

Whilst having adequate cover is extremely important, the cost of flood insurance can affect a property’s value and hence its selling price. It is generally accepted that every extra $100 per month in flood insurance costs reduces the price of a home by $20,000 thereby emphasizing how important it is that you obtain competitive quotes.

Ten years of experience providing flood insurance to homeowners and businesses, and access to 15 private flood insurance providers, means Yep Insurance is well-placed to provide a good value option for you whether it be for commercial or residential properties.

Yep Insurance also assists you with flood zone determination that may negate the statutory requirement for flood zone insurance if your premises are actually located outside the flood zone. This service is especially applicable if your property is situated on the edge of a flood zone, as the cost of Zone X insurance is much less than Zone A or Zone V.

In some cases, properties can be eligible for a Letter Of Map Amendment LOMA that can remove a property from the Flood Zone map to save insurance costs. The company can also check if an Elevation Certificate is already on file, as this can save you a considerable sum compared to having to purchase one.

Don’t sign up for the NFIP flood insurance that is often obtained via FEMA without getting competitive quotes from private-sector insurers that cover the US flood insurance market. In many cases, you could save up to half of your premium costs by shopping around and Yep Insurance is well-placed to save you a substantial sum.

A spokesperson for Yep Insurance said: “Each flood insurance policy we build is tailored to the client whether it be a house, a hotel, a restaurant or any other type of property we have a wide variety of options. Our mission is simple: Get you the right flood insurance at the right price.”

For further detail, visit to find out how you can save significant amounts on your flood insurance.

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