Save $55,000 In Utilities With This Solar Panel Company In The High Desert, CA

Sep 27, 2021

Solar energy solutions and panel installation company Option One Solar, (855-502-6363) can save residents in the High Desert thousands in rising utility costs.

Did you know that, unlike gas prices and housing prices which fluctuate constantly, your utility bills will always rise? Every year there's another increase, which can really take a toll on your wallet. Maybe it's time to just stop paying.

On August 19, 2021, The California Utilities Commission approved Southern California Edison’s (SCE) request to increase rates by 7.3%. This equates to an 8.9% increase for the typical High Desert resident. Proceeds from this increase will be used to fund the company’s day-to-day operations and help replace infrastructure. Switching to solar energy sooner rather than later not only helps everyone avoid future utility increases. If you live in the High Desert region, you are in an especially great position to make the most of solar powered energy.

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The High Desert is known globally as one of the best places to farm solar energy because of its climate. Situated at the edge of the Mojave Desert, it has been described as one of the world’s “Last Great Places.” The sun shines almost 300 days out of the year in the High Desert which, as Option One Solar points out in their newly released report, makes this the ideal region for developing solar energy.

If you live in this area, your electricity bill is a little over 4% more than the California average, and 34.5% more than the national average. By having solar panel systems installed in your home, you stand to save an average of $55,000 over 20 years. This means a $40,750 return on your investment.

The Option One Solar report also notes that when you convert to solar energy you are instantly protected from future power outages, will avoid utility rate increases, and you'll benefit from a significant increase in your property's value.

By making the change to solar in 2021, you will receive a 26% Federal tax credit for the installation, battery backup, and any roofing repairs that accompany your solar energy system. The report cautions you, however, that these credits are scheduled to be reduced in 2022. If you want to optimize savings you are encouraged to switch to solar energy by year end, 2021.

With the release of their report, the multi-award-winning team at Option One Solar is helping you avoid further utility increases while saving thousands in energy costs.

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