Sarah James Jazz Merch Creative NYC Graffiti Tee Shirts For Women 18 to 90

Aug 14, 2023

Looking for beautiful and comfy arty tee shirts? Look no further than these unique NYC graffiti tee shirts from a woman-owned business! Sarah James is a beloved music artist specializing in affordable and stylish jazz merch.

We love NYC graffiti! Don’t you? Now you can bring home a part of NYC with you, wherever you go with these fantastic creative tee shirts.

Sarah James, inspired by her work as a music artist and lover of the 90s retro art style, has launched a new line of NYC graffiti t-shirts on GearBubble. The image on each t-shirt is actual graffiti designs she has seen on the streets of New York.

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One of the more popular designs of the new collection is the “BLUE MOON GIRL Nothing Will Stop Me” t-shirt. The colorful image was found on the side of a large metal newspaper dispenser. It features a woman with a strong hair design in front of a blue moon looking defiant with a brightly pinkish-orange background.

All t-shirts are 100% cotton and feature a classic crew neck, and long sleeves, with fit-to-size measurements. While the shirt initially comes in black, it also comes in red, blue, purple, green, and pink. Customers are reminded that these unique tee shirts are not available in stores and can only be purchased through GearBubble.

Not only are these t-shirts easy to take care of, but they’re also very comfy, good for all seasons and made very well! It’s a graffiti tee shirt that you can wear, whenever and wherever!

Sarah explains that she designed this new collection to pay tribute to the under-appreciated talents of graffiti artists worldwide, particularly those in New York City. She says that most people consider graffiti to be vandalism when they are actually pieces of art that reflect the thoughts, feelings, and ideologies of young artists.

As a successful woman entrepreneur, or “indypreneur” as she calls it, Sarah understands the need for local and independent artists to have a voice in their designs. Her new collection not only honors NYC graffiti artists in a comfortable t-shirt but also expands her knowledge in creating various types of jazz merch.

Those who like the NYC graffiti tee shirts can also look at Sarah’s other designs. These can be found on her official website.

Sarah writes, "The BLUE MOON GIRL image on this particular tee is meant to support women in focusing and accomplishing goals. The sentiment reads "Nothing Will Stop Me" and the image conveys strength, purpose, and a defiant attitude meant to quell the naysayers. Every woman needs a cheerleader and this Tee -shirt says it all."

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