San Francisco Sales Training Expert Offers Class On Cold & Warm Lead Generation

Jun 7, 2021

Salespeople who wish to improve their skills can take this cold-calling masterclass offered by San Francisco-based Sandler Training.

Want to boost your cold-calling skills? This company can help!

Sandler Training, which serves the San Francisco area, announces the launch of its updated professional development training for salespeople like you. This program focuses on no-pressure prospecting techniques for cold and warm leads. 

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The course offers you a stress-free strategy for making unscheduled business development calls. It is ideal for both neophyte and experienced sales personnel who wish to increase the number of new clients they book.

While many sales representatives dislike making cold calls, it remains one of the biggest drivers of business growth. In fact, research shows that 69% of buyers are willing to accept a call, while 57% of C-suite clients actually prefer in-person calls due to their busy schedules.

With Sandler Training’s program, you will learn to use the correct style of prospecting depending on the kind of potential client you are talking to. Moreover, you will learn techniques that allow you to make a sales pitch to crucial gatekeepers and decision-makers.

The core of the program is a system for constructing convincing and compelling calls that leads to further discussions. Indeed, Sandler Training says that you can even leave voicemail messages that have a high likelihood of getting returned. 

Throughout the course, you will learn best practices for behaviors, attitudes, and tactics. You will also know how to leverage technology to build databases so you have a steady stream of prospects to dial. 

Once you converse with and convert a prospect, you will also be equipped with the skills to ask for further referrals. This tactic is key to building a sustainable prospecting plan and often leads to higher success rates given the referral of past clients. 

Sandler Training helps salespeople elevate their skills so they can be indispensable assets to their companies. Aside from professional development courses, it also offers leadership training for sales managers and supervisors. 

A spokesperson says: “This course helps salespeople formulate a successful prospecting strategy that will fill their pipeline, leverage technology, and set better sales appointments.”

Unleash your full potential—get in touch with Sandler Training today!

Simply visit if you need further details about the company and its training courses. 

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