Sales Order Processing Software Announced by EchoVera

Jul 27, 2023

Organizations using SAP Business One and automated sales order processing get the benefit of improved customer service, a reduction in processing times, reduced days outstanding and a faster invoice to cash process.

EchoVera, a leading provider of sales automation, has announced Sales Order Automation for SAP Business One.

Sales Order Automation for SAP Business One automates the validation and input of sales orders that arrive by fax or email. For organizations that create sales orders, sales order automation can have a positive impact on cashflow.

Errors, out-of-stock items, and slow cash flow can hurt revenue performance over time. Companies investing in a sales order management system want to improve their cashflow and reduce the reliance on manual processes.

Organizations using SAP Business One and automated sales order processing get the benefit of improved customer service and a reduction in processing times.

For EchoVera's sales order automation solution, Intelligent OCR and AI extracts and validates the relevant data and sends it in a structured format to SAP Business One. It's an automated order processing system that leverages AI and RPA technology to handle most of the manual areas of order processing through a centralized, cloud-based platform.

Once the sales order is in SAP Business One an organization can fulfill the order and invoice the customer, all time-sensitive processes that are optimized by the sales order technology.

“Sales order automation eliminates tedious tasks such as data entry, allowing customer service representatives more time to focus on customer needs,” said Ralf Leitner, CEO of EchoVera, “and EchoVera's cloud software optimizes sales order processing with delivery to SAP Business One.”

EchoVera has a track record of processing invoice and sales order data, with a dollar volume of $8 billion to date. Organizations rely on the firm to process and track vendor invoices, sales orders, purchase orders and goods receipts.

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About EchoVera:

EchoVera Inc. provides Intelligent OCR Plus and electronic document automation workflow for Sales Orders, AP Invoices and Delivery Documents to organizations looking to reduce costs and increase the efficiency of their financial operations. EchoVera brings over 30 years experience to clients worldwide.

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