Ruthie Spills the Tea on NAR’s Big Move: How It’s Changing the Real Estate Game

Mar 17, 2024

Ruthie Gallardo-Owens, the powerhouse behind NextHome Experts Realty, just dropped some major knowledge bombs about the National Association of Realtors’ latest proposal. In a must-watch video, she breaks down the $418 million deal that’s set to shake up the real estate world.

In an insightful video analysis released on March 15th, Ruthie Gallardo-Owens, esteemed Broker Owner of NextHome Experts Realty, offers professional perspective on the recent proposal by the National Association of Realtors (NAR). Pending court approval, this proposal could herald significant changes for real estate agents, brokers, buyers, and sellers nationwide. Analysis delves into the potential implications of a $418 million settlement over four years, emphasizing transparency, agent accountability, and consumer empowerment in the real estate process. The detailed insights are available for viewing at

Highlighted are the proposed changes, including a new MLS rule prohibiting the offers of broker compensation through MLS systems and the requirement for written buyer-broker agreements in every transaction. These changes aim to increase transparency and ensure consumers are fully informed of the services provided by real estate professionals.

"Transparency in real estate transactions strengthens the integrity of the industry and empowers consumers," states Gallardo-Owens. "These proposed changes are not just about complying with legal standards but about enhancing the value provided to clients. NextHome Experts Realty has always emphasized the importance of transparency and integrity, welcoming these changes as a step forward for the industry."

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