Roof Repair For Wind Damaged Shingles: Best Atlanta Roofing Contractor

May 4, 2023

Has a recent wind storm lifted some of your home’s shingles? If so, give the experts at Colony Roofers (678-356-3138) in Atlanta a call and they’ll be happy to help you out.

There is no more important feature of a house than the roof! Sure, everything underneath the roof is important, but without the roof, all that other stuff is left vulnerable. That's why you need to take care of your roof, and no one can help you out better in that department than Colony Roofers!

The Atlanta roofing contractor provides affordable repair services for leaking roofs, cracked and lifted shingles, and damaged flashing. Their experts are trained in fixing both asphalt shingle roofs and standing seam metal roofs.

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Strong winds and severe storms can wreak havoc on your roof, particularly if it is old. Shingles can be lifted, cracked, and removed. Flashing can also be split, bent, and broken off. Even the nails that hold your roof together are at risk of corroding and popping out. Colony Roofers can help you can fix these problems promptly and eliminate the risk of further problems.

Generally speaking, Colony Roofers will start with an inspection of your roof. During this inspection, they’ll locate the cause of the leak and determine whether a repair or replacement is needed. When making this decision, they’ll also consider your roof's age and the size of the problem to be fixed. They then partner with you to schedule a day when the repairs can be completed.

Colony Roofers repairs a variety of issues. The most common problems they fix are cracked, lifted, and missing shingles. Flashing is also a common issue because it covers the areas where your roof and vertical surfaces meet. As a result, it is usually left more exposed to the elements, especially if installed incorrectly in the first place. They fix compromised nails, too; however, this job tends to be a bit more labor-intensive.

Shingle roofs are not the only types of roofs they repair. Their experts can repair metal roofs, including aluminum, copper, tin, metal shingle, metal tile, and standing seam. The fixes may differ, however, the inspection and repair process is more or less the same.

"The Colony Roofers team was very responsive and professional," said a satisfied customer. "They came the same day I called to evaluate the cause of our roof leak. They provided a thorough explanation of the work required and coordinated the scheduling of the work in a timely manner. The repair crew was also professional and very efficient in completing the work. I would certainly use Colony Roofers again for any future roofing repairs."

The costs of roof repairs vary depending on the size of the problem, the materials involved, and the labor required. However, Colony Roofers provides some basic cost ranges that you can expect to pay; minor repairs usually cost $200 to $500, moderate repairs are $500 to $1,000, and extreme repairs can be anywhere from $1,000 to $3,000. According to Colony Roofers, the average amount spent to fix a roof-related issue is $650.

You can book a free, no-obligation 30-minute inspection by filling out the form on Colony Roofers’ website.

About Colony Roofers

Colony Roofers is a locally owned and operated business that has been serving Atlanta and the Atlanta Metropolitan Area since 2017. In that time they have completed over 3000 projects and performed over 500 storm damage restorations. In addition to repairs, they also do roof installations, replacements, and coatings.

Colony Roofers has everything you need all under one roof! Check them out today by visiting

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