Rockledge, FL New Business Opportunity: Invest In An Ice Cream Store Franchise

Mar 17, 2022

Are you tired of working yourself into the ground for someone else’s business? Check out this opportunity from The Ice Cream Hut (321 785-3000) to start your own ice cream parlor!

Rockledge, FL New Business Opportunity: Invest In An Ice Cream Store Franchise

This is the opportunity you have been looking for to get away from the daily grind and be in control of your own life.

The family-run parlor, which already has locations in Cocoa Beach, Viera, and Rockledge, has announced that it is accepting applications from individuals who would like to buy a franchise.

Go to to find out more.

The Ice Cream Hut is welcoming you to apply for this seamless, easy-to-operate franchise opportunity. They will provide you with everything you need to start a successful business.

Franchising is a model that allows you to be in charge of your own company while receiving advice, products, branding, and knowledge from the parent organization. In exchange, this organization takes a percentage of your profits. Thus, you have an autonomous business, yet can make use of pre-existing business models and benefits.

Once approved, you will receive training at The Ice Cream Hut's existing locations, followed by hands-on training at your own new store. Refresher courses are offered throughout your journey, and you can expect the operational team to provide ongoing support.

Your profitability is at the forefront of the company's priorities, so you can benefit from affordable upfront costs and low-waste inventory management.

Your new parlor will receive guidance about unit operations, maintenance, customer service techniques, product ordering, pricing, administrative procedures, marketing, and more. You will also have access to The Ice Cream Hut’s range of already perfected ice cream flavors, as well as having the option to add your own recipes and creations to the menu.

The current stores offer a wide range of flavors including chocolate chip, cookie dough, and strawberry cheesecake. Other sweet products available include a variety of sundaes, milkshakes, and desserts, such as Krispy Kreme donuts and banana splits. Dairy-free and reduced sugar options are also sold.

The Ice Cream Hut prides itself on serving delicious, creamy ice cream and other treats while maintaining a fun, high-energy atmosphere.

A satisfied customer said, “this is a great family-owned place. The ice cream is always excellent. The sand beach for resting and eating your sweet treat adds to the Florida experience.”

The Ice Cream Hut is the franchisor you can trust to provide you with everything you need to build a booming business.

Ready to live the ice cream dream? Go to to fill in your application today!

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