Restaurant Delivery Near Me & SEO Marketing Beat Third-Party Delivery Apps

Oct 25, 2021

Are you a Pittsburgh restaurateur who is feeling the heat of competition from third-party delivery companies? Are their fees burning up your profit margins? The Market Plate’s innovative directory and membership services can help you shore up your profits to ensure you will be there for your customers over the long haul! Give them a call at 412-977-5234!

Are commissions taking a big bite out of your profits when you’d rather see customers taking big bites of your amazing menu offerings? The Market Plate’s digital marketing services can help you beat the third-party delivery competition so you can keep those offerings coming!

The updated digital marketing solutions include geo-search SEO capabilities that are activated when potential customers are searching for local restaurants that offer meal delivery, reservations, or curbside pickup. The directory comes up at the top of their search results so customers looking for restaurants that deliver near me quick service can easily choose the type of food they want.

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If you own a restaurant in Pittsburgh or the surrounding areas and you’re looking for an alternative to costly online delivery companies – you’ve come to the right place. With The Market Plate, you will maintain your profit margins and your business in the long term!

As you know, in today’s economic climate many restaurants feel compelled to make deals with third-party online ordering companies whose financial stipulations and terms of service are not sustainable. Owners are required to pay up to 20% to 30% commissions on each sale. These partnerships can be especially risky for small, local establishments because they can lead to shrinking profit margins and can disturb customer loyalty.

The Market Plate offers you two independent services – membership in the directory ( and the “Own Your Order” online ordering service. As a directory member, you will have a customizable profile page with hyperlinks to your website and social media pages. You will also have access to many marketing opportunities and a local, private restaurant-goers’ Facebook group.

The “Own Your Order” online ordering system allows you to make use of commission-free takeaway, in-house reservations, and home deliveries. There are two categories of membership packages – free basic and monthly low-cost. Both of these packages can be canceled at any time. And if you get an annual subscription you get a 33% discount.

Once you become a member, you can enjoy many perks, including the ability to be listed in ten menu categories, receive direct customer inquiries, display customer reviews, and design your own QR codes. You can also use the directory to inform your customers of upcoming events.

A spokesperson for the company has said: “The Market Plate ‘Own Your Order’ is our way of giving restaurants full control back on their online ordering! It allows you to stop paying 20% to 30% to the third-party online ordering services just to make a sale.”

You don’t have to stand the burn of competition — check out The Market Plate’s directory and membership services today!

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