Get The Best Online Restaurant Directory in Pittsburgh, PA For Your Business

Oct 13, 2021

Looking for the best restaurant directory service for your business in the Pittsburgh area and surrounds? Check out the no-commission monthly membership online ordering system at The Market Plate (412-977-5234) for a far better return on your bucks than you’ll ever get elsewhere.

Are you tired of parting with your very hard-earned income every time someone orders something from your amazing menu? It’s a bit much, ain’t it? Way too much, if you ask me.

Well, now you don’t have to anymore! The Market Plate offers you everything you need to continue receiving orders without ever having to pay one single commission penny ever again!

With the goal of providing digital marketing support, the company’s announced services are recommended if you want to increase your reach and save on costs at the same time from customers searching for restaurants that deliver near me . Now you can collaborate with a top online directory service for increased marketing exposure and improved business efficiency.

For more information about the zero-commission online restaurant directory service, you can visit

Restaurants were of the most affected industries in recent times. Although ordering food online was already very popular in the past, it has transformed into a life necessity over time.

With 3rd party delivery businesses charging a hefty commission fee of between 20 – 30% for each order, your small profit margins are even further diminished, which negatively affects your turnover, profitability, and sustainability.

Unfortunately, news reports show that this has directly contributed to largely delivery-based food businesses going out of business.

The Market Plate gives local restaurant owners that offer delivery, reservations, and pickup options, access to high-quality geo-search SEO digital marketing solutions. This helps you to grow your clientele and save money order by order.

The company’s “Own Your Order” business structure and motto do away with the negative commission-based partnership that exists with more well-known delivery brands and apps. They can do this by offering you a free basic or low-cost membership package that can be canceled at any time with the option of saving 33% when purchasing an annual subscription.

The free basic package includes receiving direct inquiries, appearing in Tier 3 search results, and being listed in one menu category.

The paid month-to-month membership package includes Tier 1 search results, 10 menu categories, direct inquiries, and the display of contact details, website URL, and customer reviews. It also includes social media page links and the publishing of sales and events, two photo albums, and articles.

A company spokesperson said, “The Market Plate ‘Own Your Order’ is our way of giving restaurants full control back on their online ordering. Stop paying 20% to 30% to the third-party online ordering services just to make a sale.”

The Market Plate is the trusted online restaurant directory that also offers an ordering system you can always rely on – reach out to them at (412-977-5234) to start your commission-free journey today!

Go to for all the digital marketing solutions you need!

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