Resilience Coaches Improves Organizational Performance During Crisis Situations

Jun 30, 2023

Public health expert Dr. Erika Wichro offers capacity building, resiliency, and leadership programs that can help your organization be prepared for any emergency. Schedule a consultation today!

Coming out of the pandemic, the crucial role of capacity building, leadership, and resiliency have become more evident than ever. Effective preparedness strategies serve to mitigate the impact of disasters on populations and ensure swift and efficient recovery. When companies are trained to deal with emergencies, the short-term and long-term effects of the crisis are reduced.

Dr. Wichro uses her award-winning capacity-building methodology to create training programs focusing on holistic problem-solving. Recognized by the International Association of Top Professionals (IAOTP), Dr. Wichro’s training programs have helped businesses, communities, individuals, and organizations rise above the recent public health and economic emergencies.

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Dr. Wichro’s one-on-one and group consultations empower clients as they maneuver through post-crisis environments, increase health-related productivity, and fortify institutional systems. Equipped with a multidisciplinary proficiency in medicine, global health, ethics, and psycho-social support, Dr. Wichro aims to cultivate resilience, enhance performance, and promote wellness across various sectors.

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As a crisis management specialist, Dr. Wichro believes aligning strategy with rational and solutions-oriented decision-making is the cornerstone of successful leadership and personal growth. In her leadership and resiliency training programs, she guides clients to reconnect with their motivations, rekindle their joy, and utilize their personal power.

With over 17 years dedicated to health emergencies, both at the national level and globally, Dr. Wichro’s career has included stints with esteemed organizations such as the World Health Organization (WHO), the European Commission (EC), the GFA Consulting Group, CDC Atlanta, University Hospital Graz, and the Biobank Graz. Her strategies and tactics have been honed through substantial practical experience in mission countries around the globe, coupled with her participation in initiatives such as the European Union Civil Protection Mechanism.

“The biggest satisfaction is to be of service, to assist others tapping into their power and unleash the great potential waiting to be discovered. When you do what you are passionate about, everything becomes effortless, and no challenge is too big. I go the extra mile with you to help you achieve your aspirations. Together we thrive,” Dr. Wichro said.

Capacity building and leadership are vital in promoting sustainable development by ensuring disasters do not derail long-term growth and progress. It is a less discussed benefit, but effective crisis management can also help mitigate the psychological impact of disasters, providing individuals with a sense of control and the ability to cope with trauma.

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