Repair Your Parking Lot Potholes With Durable Hot Asphalt Patching In Nashville

Jul 27, 2023

Don’t let potholes slow down your business this summer – call Gaddes Strategic LLC (615-866-2795). Its Nashville team offers top-notch hot asphalt patching services that will have your parking lot looking and functioning like new in no time.

Potholes are a surefire way to give your customers a not-so-great first impression. After all, nobody likes playing hopscotch while trying to park their car.

Gaddes Strategic LLC brings you its pothole repair services in Nashville during the summer months when hot asphalt patching is most effective. You can opt for this service to keep your driveways and parking lots safe and up to code while also boosting your property's value.

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In the case of potholes, a cold patch only provides a short-term remedy. The surface of the pothole will eventually degrade, requiring a new patch to be applied. To provide a more reliable fix, the contractors offer a hot asphalt patch, also known as hot mix asphalt, that can be applied quickly and can help your asphalt parking lot last anywhere from 10 to 35 years.

A spokesperson for the contractor said: "Hot asphalt patching for parking lots is something every local business in Nashville should be familiar with. This is especially important considering that an excellent-looking parking lot automatically increases property value by 5 to 10%."

Before taking any action, Gaddes Strategic LLC evaluates the damage to determine the appropriate course of action. For small to mid-sized cracks, holes, and depressions, the experts recommend hot asphalt repairs that not only fix the issue but also prevent future potholes and cracks from forming. For larger areas, resurfacing or repaving may be necessary to ensure your parking lot remains safe and functional.

The hot asphalt patching service provides a permanent and durable solution that you can also use for asphalt trench repairs. The contractors refill and repair any damaged trenches, resulting in a smooth and even surface that is both aesthetically pleasing and safe for your customers and their vehicles.

By employing cutting-edge equipment and techniques, the Nashville asphalt contractors help you improve the appearance and functionality of your parking lot. Their comprehensive asphalt repair solutions also include paving, milling and filling, sealcoating, and others. For more on asphalt repair services, visit

In addition to Nashville, Gaddes Strategic LLC also offers its services in Antioch, Bellevue, Belle Meade, Goodlettsville, Hermitage, and the surrounding areas.

Looking for a permanent solution to your pothole problem? The team of asphalt wizards at Gaddes Strategic LLC (615-866-2795) will get your parking lot potholes fixed quickly and affordably.

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