Rent A Roll-Off Dumpster For Your Construction Site Junk Removal

Oct 29, 2022

You know what? All your stuff is old, useless, and stinks to high heaven – but enough trash talk! Just call Cobblestone Container Service (877-853-2922) and roll away all your junk!

Rent A Roll-Off Dumpster For Your Construction Site Junk Removal

The city of Athens - in Greece, not Georgia! - had a basic kind of garbage service by 500 B.C. Garbage could be left out for pickup and disposal, but residents first had to haul it a mile outside the municipal limits. Still, that’s remarkable - service doesn’t exist at all in some parts of the world even today!

Cobblestone Container Service, with over 50 years of combined experience in the waste management industry and a nationwide network of haulers, delivers waste management solutions for clients across the United States.

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The family-owned and operated company offers roll-off dumpster rentals for homeowners, renters, or contractors juggling multiple projects that need containers for waste disposal. You can use the company's dumpsters for recycling purposes, for construction and heavy-duty goods, or as a means to transport heavy equipment/materials.

The North American dumpster rental market is expected to grow at just over 2% annually over the next five years before the commercial segment picks up steam on the back of government-related infrastructure projects. Regular dumpsters have lids to act as covers, but roll-off dumpsters stand out because of their open tops and rectangular - rather than cubic - shape. This explains why - compared to standard dumpsters - roll-off containers can be found in a wider range of sizes. In addition, they have wheels, which make them considerably easier to move around than dumpsters, which are generally hauled by garbage trucks.

Cobblestone Container Service offers you dumpsters ranging in size from 10 yards to 40 yards, or 8’ x 11’ x 4’ and 8’ x 22’ x 6’. A ten-yard container, for example, is suitable for garage debris, small deck removals, bathroom remodeling debris, and a single layer of roof shingles. A 30-yard container - the most common, as it intersects large residential and commercial projects - is the preferred choice for large remodeling and/or renovation projects, garage demolition, building additions, and demolition projects.

Instead of employing a crew to visit and do the task for you, Cobblestone Container Service allows you to rent your own dumpster and fill it at your convenience. Renting also guarantees that it will be picked up and removed by experts. With this approach, you can avoid making several trips back and forth to a landfill while keeping your own vehicle clean.

One customer commented: “We have had a great experience working with Cobblestone Container Service. When we schedule a drop-off or pickup they are always there when we need them to be and if there are any issues Ted and Steve are always available to resolve whatever the situation might be. The knowledgeable and friendly staff take care of all of our waste disposal needs and we could not recommend them any more highly.”

The company prides itself on fair and transparent business practices - and a very friendly customer support team!

Don't waste your opportunity - go to and see what the team can do for you or your company today!

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