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Apr 27, 2021

Feeling burned out and disconnected from your partner or family? Register for The NOW CALM Method: Come Home To You today to lower your stress, repair your relationships, and live the life you really want!

Find your inner calm & enhance your relationships – register for The NOW CALM Method: Come Home To You and discover and deepen your connection to yourself and your loved ones!

Jenny TeGrotenhuis, a Kennewick WA-based expert therapist, recently announced her next eight-week course, The NOW CALM Method: Come Home To You. The program, which starts May 10, uses innovative mindfulness exercises to reduce your stress while boosting your tranquility.

More information can be found at

The newly announced course features neuroscience-based insights and practices to improve stress management and allow you to take control of your life, building more solid, healthy connections with loved ones.

Neuroscientific research reveals that negative patterns and past attachments prevent you from connecting with yourself and others around you. The NOW CALM Method converts the chaos and distress of your daily life into the ability to communicate and bond with your partner, spouse, and children. 

TeGrotenhuis’s course features six core modules delivered through her website over eight weeks, as well as one live lesson per week. Each module builds on the previous with new self-awareness and communication techniques.

Module 1 introduces the Sutter Scale for Self-Awareness, the foundation for connecting with yourself and others. Module 2, titled Power vs. Force, identifies your thoughts and feelings that are based in the past, future, or other people, and separates them from your own thoughts and feelings.

Module 3 reinforces and builds on the first two modules. Module 4 teaches you how to switch from “fight or flight” mode to what TeGrotenhuis calls “stay and play” or “listen, learn, love” mode.

Module 5 makes your progress in the first four modules sustainable by incorporating your internal body and mind rhythms. Module 6 focuses on a successful, maintainable transition to your new mindset discovered over the past five modules.

TeGrotenhuis is a Certified Gottman Therapist and Clinical Trauma Professional. She employs evidence-based tools and techniques to help individuals and couples make lasting changes for healthier minds, emotions, and relationships.

One alumnus of the course said: “My partner and I have had much better interactions since we started this course, able to make shifts in our communication for a better relationship.”

The NOW CALM Method: Come Home To You program has improved or saved countless relationships– now it’s your turn to discover your inner peace and bond with your partner, spouse, and family.

Ready to learn how to reduce stress and reconnect to the important people in your life? Go to to find out more!

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