Regenerative Medicine Center In Atlanta Offers Stem Cell Therapy For Knee Pain

Nov 22, 2022

Springs Rejuvenation (404-780-5617) in Atlanta, GA is committed to helping you live life without pain. The trusted regenerative medicine center offers stem cell therapy that can help you feel relief in a few months!

Regenerative Medicine Center In Atlanta Offers Stem Cell Therapy For Knee Pain

The latest research on stem cell therapy shows that we are on the right track. Soon, we will be able to heal even the most severe conditions so that everyone can live life the way it was meant to be lived: happy, healthy, and without pain.

If you’re looking for experienced stem cell infusion specialists, trust the team at Springs Rejuvenation!

The regenerative medicine center specializes in innovative therapies for shoulder and knee injuries, geared towards professional athletes and sports enthusiasts who suffer from chronic or acute pain. Springs Rejuvenation develops customized stem cell infusion plans that reduce inflammation and repair damaged tissue.

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By undergoing stem cell infusion therapy at the center, you can avoid expensive knee replacement surgery. Recent studies show that stem cell therapy, also called orthobiologic treatment, can rebuild damaged tissue and provide significant improvement for patients diagnosed with orthopedic disorders.

Many patients who have already taken advantage of stem cell infusions report finding relief from pain and stiffness caused by their shoulder or knee injuries. New data suggests that stem cell therapy may even reduce knee pain by as much as 75% when combined with other healing modalities such as physical therapy.

Springs Rejuvenation is led by Dr. Charles Pereyra, who believes that all people deserve to receive high-quality care for their specific conditions. Combining a range of treatments, from peptide infusions, NAD, umbilical cord stem cells, and exosomes to lifestyle modification techniques, the center helps patients resolve their pain in a few months.

What can you expect? During the first consultation, you will undergo a complete medical assessment. This is to ensure that you are qualified candidates for stem cell therapy. Depending on the severity of your condition and current health status, your treatments may begin immediately, with follow-up sessions after 6 months or 1 year.

You should notice significant improvements in your condition within a few months! Remember that stem cell therapy works gradually, so please be patient for the first few weeks.

You can also opt for stem cell therapy if you want to improve your heart health, lung health, brain health, or cognitive performance, address autoimmune or inflammatory conditions, and enhance endurance.

Springs Rejuvenation has branches in Atlanta, Austin, and Fort Lauderdale. A new location in New York City will be opened soon.

A spokesperson for the center said, "At Springs Rejuvenation Center, we believe everyone deserves to have access to the highest quality health care treatments available. Our industry-leading experts will work with you on a case-by-case basis. We want to help you achieve the highest quality treatment available and experience a joyful life with faster, quicker, satisfying results."

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