Get Instant Quotes On Hail Damaged Roofs In Dallas At This Top Roofing Company

May 1, 2024

When a hailstorm wreaks havoc on your home’s roof, you need immediate help. Train Roofing and Construction in Dallas (972-734-1570) offers a groundbreaking hail damage quoting system that uses cutting-edge technology to provide accurate repair estimates over the phone.

Hailstorms in Dallas are notorious for the devastation they can cause home roofing systems. In fact, a major storm ripped through North Dallas in April, unleashing golf ball-sized hail onto homes throughout the area and leaving homeowners with ravaged roofing systems scrambling for cost estimates and repair services. 

Train Roofing and Construction says this is not ok. 

In response, they now offer near-instant roof repair estimates and financial relief for damage caused by hail using a cutting-edge, data-based method. All you need to do is pick up the phone. Get the instant quote you deserve and the help you need at


In 2017, a major hailstorm rained down heck throughout Wylie, backing up damage assessments from insurance companies and repair teams across the region.

News reports revealed some homeowners were waiting weeks for the help they needed and were living in homes with dangerously damaged and leaking roofs. Then, of course, legions of unscrupulous, self-proclaimed roofers with no visible credentials came out of the woodwork, cashing in on homeowners who were desperate for help.

None of this sits right with the team at Train Roofing and Construction. And this is why they've put leading technologies into place to offer near instant quotes by phone for roofing damage caused by hail. 

Here's what the company's owner, Josh Montes, wants you to know:

"We recognize the challenges homeowners face when dealing with hail damage and high deductibles. Our new quoting system and financial relief programs are designed to streamline the repair process and provide much-needed support to our customers."


Normally, homeowners would need to wait days for a roofing expert to provide a cost estimate for the damage caused by hail.

Not so with Train Roofing and Construction.

Using cutting-edge technologies and data-based methods, Train Roofing and Construction offers swift cost estimates over the phone. No waiting for your insurance person to jot you down in their appointment calendar (while you budget for that enormous deductible), no heart-wrenching what-if scenarios running back and forth in your mind while you wait for the information you need. 

With Train Roofing and Construction, you get precise pricing for your roof repair needs and a customer-focused team of experts who understand the sense of urgency your situation warrants. They are here to help.


As a U.S. Marine Corps veteran who served two tours of duty in Afghanistan and Iraq, Josh Montes is an expert at navigating situations that call for even-keeled intelligence and instant action. He understands the importance of swift and reliable service and is not impressed by the rising deductible costs imposed by insurers for emergency roof repairs.

For these reasons, Josh Montes and his company developed their own, unique approach to roof repair that helps alleviate the financial burden on their customers. And they can do the same for you.

When storms strike the Dallas-Fort Worth area, Train Roofing's expert crew is ready to respond within hours, quickly addressing leaks and minimizing damage before beginning the restoration process. With expertise in various roofing materials, including asphalt shingle, tile, torch down, and metal roofs, Train Roofing is equipped to handle any roofing challenge.

You benefit from end-to-end roof repair and replacement services. The company also specializes in cabinetry and flooring installations, earning the name “The Dream Team” from their Dallas-Fort Worth customers and commercial clients.


In addition to its commitment to technological advancement, Train Roofing is dedicated to supporting fellow veterans. The company offers exclusive discounts to U.S. military veterans, acknowledging their service and sacrifices.

A satisfied return customer who relies on Train Roofing and Construction's expertise recently said, "As a property management company, it's hard to find reliable and consistent help. Train Roofing and Construction has every trade available when needed. Five stars."


Train Roofing and Construction is a veteran-owned and operated roofing and construction company based in Dallas, Texas. With a focus on advanced technology, customer support, and veteran advocacy, Train Roofing is committed to providing exceptional service and quality workmanship to homeowners throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

Is it time you got the roof repair service you deserve? Next time Mother Nature rains down heck, you know who to call for an instant quote and fast, customer-focused service.

For more information about Train Roofing and Construction's innovative hail damage quoting system or veteran support initiatives, or to schedule a free roof inspection, please visit or contact Zane Myers at [email protected] or (972) 734-1570.

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