Reduce Energy Bills In Your Home With Vivint Smart Thermostat & Light System

Is your home ready for a security update? A guide from Smart Home Equipped explains how the Vivint Smart Home system can help keep you and your family safe while also lowering energy bills.

You love the latest technology and gadgets, but are you making them work for you in your home security system?

The Vivint Smart Home system syncs all your devices, helps you stay safe, and gives you maximum control over the features in your home!

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If you want to combine the latest technology with improved security measures in your house or apartment, check out the Vivint Smart Home system. It includes a smart camera that can record and stream live video of your home from any location, and a smart lock that allows you to lock or unlock a door remotely.

Forbes reports that property crimes are the most common type of criminal activity in the United States, and over one million home burglaries take place each year, highlighting the importance of an up-to-date home security system. The Vivint Smart Home network gives you an easy way to have greater peace of mind while also enjoying cutting-edge technology. With Vivint Smart Home, all your devices and services are integrated into one seamless system.

Alongside the smart camera and smart lock, components of the set-up include a smart thermostat to monitor temperature based on a schedule, which helps save energy and reduce your utility bills.

Similarly, the smart light feature allows you to turn lights in your home on and off remotely or make them bright or dim, depending on your desired mood or the time of day.

The Vivint Smart Home system also comes with a smart doorbell that allows you to see and speak with visitors from your phone, and a smart speaker that can play music or podcasts or function as an intercom system throughout your house.

The company has received positive reviews. “They have great customer service coupled with an amazing home security system,” says Cory R. "If a person's looking for a product that is cost-effective and user-friendly, definitely utilize Vivint.”

Take home security and efficiency to a new level with Vivint Smart Home!

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