Recruitment Advertising For Retail SMBs To Find Talent Across Job Boards

Jul 4, 2023

Looking to fill open positions at your retail establishment? JobAdX can help with their suite of powerful ad placement tools, designed to make your life easier when it comes to finding qualified talent.

Let's face it: the hiring process should really be called the tiring process, because that's exactly the effect it can have after searching endlessly for qualified talent and coming up empty-handed. The candidates you need are out there, they just aren't seeing your listings! While you could throw money at the problem, there's no guarantee that will have any lasting impact, and you might just end up wasting more of your budget than you can afford.

Instead, try the modern way, the cure-all answer for any business-related issue in 2023: just use robots!

Rather, take advantage of the automation tools you have at your disposal so that you can focus on what's really important. JobAdX is a leading developer of automation solutions specifically for SMBs just like yours, and their software may be able to supercharge your recruiting process!

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The JobAdX software ecosystem uses two different platforms to provide your team with a varied and versatile job advertising experience. These tools can be used to expand the reach of a job recruitment campaign and to hyper-target qualified talent online.

JobAdX Exchange, the first half of this programmatic ecosystem, offers dynamic algorithmic assistance that can be used to manage job advertising and recruitment campaigns automatically. Your team can input parameters to control factors like ad spend and target market, and the automated platform will adjust ad placements until that market is located.

The other half of the ecosystem, JobAdX Optimize, can be used to finely tune the campaigns accessible through Exchange using manual placement tools. This platform also offers up-to-the-minute reporting to determine which placements are doing well and which ones can be safely removed.

JobAdX is partnered with hundreds of high-traffic and specialty job boards in order to give your team the freedom necessary to locate talent wherever it may be. Custom placements are also available upon request through either platform, making niche targeting a possibility with this system.

The software has been created in response to a study that found a 40% waste rate on most job advertising campaigns, which these tools may be able to reduce.

With these tools, a new world of recruitment will become available. Use this dynamic toolkit to drive clicks, home in on the best candidates, and stand out from the competition.

JobAdX is supported by a team of experienced developers who have already worked with many of the nation’s most well-known mid-market businesses to power their hiring efforts. A free tour of the software is available through the company’s website, along with a full breakdown of what the two platforms have to offer.

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